Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Heard it Here First, Edition XIII

So, I have been ignoring my blog lately, mainly because of work and christmas shopping and SA visa errands, but also because I've been compiling this ridiculously long music list. It's very random, like always, and some of the song have been single handedly getting me through my 55 hour work week. But being dubbed the queen of the deli and taking home the thickest tip envelope doesn't hurt either. Enjoy.

1. Ok, if you liked the soundtrack to the Into The Wild film, done so well by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam last year, you will really enjoy this group, called Great Lake Swimmers, because I'm suprised they weren't featured along with those haunting songs. But it definitely does have its own style, banjo mixed with simple acoustic guitar and perfectly warm vocals combine to make some really awesome tunes. And everyone needs a little steel guitar every once in awhile, even if you proclaim to hate country. And they're Canadian, so they're inherently cute with how they spell and pronounce things. My favorite currently is Your Rocky Spine (below!), but I also recommend "Changing Colours" and "Backstage with the Modern Dancers".

2. Ani DiFranco. An obsession I gained through roomate-osmosis from my like minded music friend Caitlin in college (and im sure ive ranted about Ani before). Her storytelling gets better better as I hear more and more of her stuff, and her songs pop up on my ipod and continually (and pleasantly) suprise me. Other than my continual favorites of "Fixing her Hair" and "Shy" and "Gravel", the song "School Night" is probably the most moving at this point in my life. We've all felt connected to someone in our lives that was incredibly bad for us, opposite from us, and not worth our time. But sometimes, you can't help it, and weirdly that pain reminds us that that connection is there, and not going away anytime soon. Here it is!

3. Ever since Lauren got me to listen to some of his stuff, I've tried my hardest to keep up on Ben Folds (of ben folds five). I will never forget the conversation we had where she gushed about the concert of his that she just saw on the U of I campus. Full of glee. He has recently paired up with Regina Spektor, to do a quirky catchy little song called "You don't know me." It's very fun and smart. (and I'm nt one of those really annoying people that says "thats so smart" about a movie or "youre looking smart today". For some reason I feel like thats a particularly snobby statement, but anyways, it was really fitting, so I mean it!)

4. So I contemplated doing an entire music blog of silly girl pop songs, cause they're everywhere right now, dontcha think? And to be perfectly honest, they're freaking fun. Songs like "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga and "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry and "So What" by Pink, and "If I were a boy" by Beyonce. And Rihanna is just bringin it home right now, nawmsayin? So because I can't make up my mind (duh, when can I?), I give you a song that maybe you don't already know, but along the same lines as the ones above. I hope it gets stuck in your head! Neener! And let's just be clear about this one, I was turned on to her music by Lauren, and mad props to her for finding it and playing it in her car for me about a month back. How come we're so ahead of the times? Must be the wheaties, and holynames, and our general bad ass-ness. Anyways, here's a French pop artist called Yelle, and her song (among many awesome diddies) is called "Ce Jeu" (although my other favorite is "Les Femmes" ).

5. Ok, my dad once told me that "any song that goes into it's chorus within the first 30 seconds" is ridiculous. Pop songs often do. For catchyness sake. And if there isn't much in the verses and interludes to entertain and inspire the listener. And I believe him. Because he's my dad, and also a really excellent musician. But anyways, that doesn't mean that I don't love my fair share (or more) or rock-pop songs. So I bring you my new favorite (although it barely makes the cut with 33 seconds of song before the chorus). I saw it in a movie, can't remember which one, and now it's all over the radio. It's called "I'm not over" and it's by Carolina Liar.

6. So, mainly because of the boys I work with, I am exposed to lots of music I wouldn't normally listen to or know about. Read that as: there are lots of conversations where I don't know what's going on or what killer/epic band/song/guitarsolo they're talking about. Anyways, we can agree on one thing, and that's the Beatles. Especially the "breakfast with the beatles" special that 102.5 does on sunday mornings. It truly gets me through the "hump day" of my week. And of course I'm sure people are thinking "um, you're only 45 years too late, Claire". But really, I'm beginning to realize (more and more each sunday) just how brilliant they are/were. This song "You've got to hide my love away" has always resonated with me. It sounds as if it could have been written two weeks ago. Timeless. And those baby faces in the video, so cute.

7. Ingrid Michaelson and Joshua Radin (who both have new albums) did a song together, called "Sky". And let me just say "what is WITH his voice?". Why is so wraspy and beautiful. Really? Does it just come out that way? Does he have to try? Fascinating. Anyways. They are both exquisite singers and their duet is beautiful.

8. Kings of Leon. Sex on Fire. When the song comes on at work, I immediately rush over the soup corner and pretend to be doing something really important like stocking 'to-go' soup containters/lids. The lyrics alone can totally distract me. That and the boys' have a sneaky way of coming back from their lunch breaks smelling collectively of smoke and cologne. That in combination with a song by The Kings of Leon can totally twitterpate me. But, since I've already featured Sex on Fire in a past edition, I'll have to share another one of their great songs with you. It's called "Use Somebody".

9. I would be liar liar pants on fire if I didn't confess to loving the new Britney Spears stuff. The current whining around the house is how muucccchhhhh Maria wants Britney tickets for her birthday in April. It's all "Mom, you have NO IDEA!". And despite not being here to experience that craziness come April 16th, I still will obsess over the songs with her. Not a problem. I'm kind of over Womanizer, but I'm liking Circus currently. It's purely what I expect from Britney, yet also something I can make fun of. Or maybe that's the same thing. Regardless I would totally dance all up in your biznass in the club to this one.

10. Shake it the ground. A shamlessly fun hip-hop dance track that I found on youtube the other day. IT'S SO MUCH FUN. Thats all there is to it. I wish I could bring all the boys to the yard like these girls.

11. Tracy Chapman has a new album. Say what!? I know. So one of her new song, which I immediately looked up once I heard, is called "Sing for You". Her brilliance continues.

12. This one just builds and builds and builds. Totally intense. And sweet and melancholy. All the things I love. The End here in Seattle recommended it and I usually take their word for things like this. It's called "Sometime After Midnight" and it's by Airborne Toxic Event. A little bit Killers, a little bit Matchbox 20, and a little bit something else.


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