Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Much more than a movie review

If you know me at all, you know I'm flat out obsessive with certain parts of life, particularly music. I can't help it, I'm sure its silly but I don't really care. Born into a musical family and surrounded by magical tunes my entire childhood, I am constantly aware of my special connection to it. I am always the one singing along to the barely audible song in a bar or restaurant, and insisting that people strain to hear it because "its a great song!". Another tag-teaming obsession along with music is any movie having to do with or featuring excellent music. The second I discovered this movie, after it being mentioned by my roomate and hearing a song from its soundtrack on the radio, I KNEW I was hooked. Its titled ONCE. A small budget film about two musicians who meet on the streets of Dublin and combine their purely magical talents into a Demo CD. It's part real life (since they actually did make an album together in real life) and part screenwriting. It sounds simple but is most definitely not. It chronicles their connection, however complicated by life, and does not have a mushy ending. Its real life cinematography and part-musical quality will leave you forgeting you're even watching a movie. We saw it at the Kennedy School and I highly recommend the 3 dollar tickets and comfy couches of that venue. Please join me in the obsession!

Monday, December 17, 2007

You can kiss my clover

While baking, HA yes I said baking, Corn muffins from a mix people! (for office xmas presents - oh the wonders of GREAT wrapping), I popped in St. James Gate. A local Irish folk band that has accompanied many many nights of revelry throughout college at Kel's downtown and whose CD Alex had snatched one night. And during my imitations of Kari's irish jigs and following the kindergarten directions on the box, a song came on that I was immediately fond of, but did not recognize. As I listened further, I realized why I must have paused at its tune. It's a lovely lovely folk song about the experience of Imigration by the Irish people, and its titled "Long way from Clare to Here". As most folk songs out there, its origins are not particularly clear but apparently it has been performed by many artists, namely Ralph McTell. SO my evening has managed to feel quite precious, despite the fact that the song was so obviously not written for me. I'm going to let it remind me of the musical memories in my life. St. James Gate makes me wish for a Kel's night. My "snakebite with Hef please". Drunk dancing. Table slapping during Whiskey in the Jar. Flirting with old men. "Go request Feilds of you do it, ok fine I'll be right back!" And perhaps a Voodoo Donuts Run at 1:30. Heaven. A million times over.

I would put a youtube video of the song, but none are performed with the clear sweet sound of St. James Gate.

ps: I ate my oatmeal (yes I had it for dinner, I love it ok!) with a fork. Without realizing.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Pledge of Resistance

Slam poetry Artist. Writer. Musician. Activist. It's not suprising that the FBI has a file on him. Unfortunately that is our reality. But not in my name.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Favorite Band: Bishop Allen

After a short lived obsession with a few select amazing songs (among others) on a mix CD, another short lived situation ended with the someone that courted me with said CD :) So, I put those songs away, despite their glowing distinction. I have reclaimed that mix. It. Is. Amazing. And very few are flashback inducing.

Here are a few of the artists, and their songs. I guess you could sort of say they fall into the 'alternative' category, but what exactly do those labels mean? No one really knows. I just like the songs. Enjoy.

Bishop Allen - Flight 180 and Click Click Click..... hint: make sure to listen to entire song, they're like crescendos, they get more amazing as they go along. Plus the click click video is pretty sweet and youtube artsy :)

Band of Horses - The Funeral - pretty kick ass and breathtaking

Menomena - (holla! portland band) - Wet and Rusting - a little weird, give it a chance, also worth a full listen

Arcade Fire - Wake Up, AntiChrist Television Blues, and RebellionLies. They are grreeeattt.

*and in a whole other category there's Talib Kweli, another inspiration right now, mainly his older stuff. See Black Star with Mos Def.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How come I didn't know about this untill now?!

For all Women. And for all who struggle for the equal treatment by and participation within American and the Global society. I recently heard about this movement, and its not well known ordaination of Women Preists. Regardless of what you think of religion or the Catholic Church or gender, this movement does nothing but inspire. A huge swell of pride comes into my heart when I see this. FUCK YEAH.

Roman Catholic Women Preists

I am going to mass soon with one of these preists presiding. I can't wait. Company is welcome.

Monday, December 10, 2007

this THING keeps happening

I know. Practically 3 posts in one day. But its just spewing out. I'm rivaling Lauren on the Word Vomit score card.

Ok, so it's going to sound silly and a little bit twilight zony, (or that other show, quoted on GG, according to Luke its underrated, I digress) but I have this THING. This weird THING that happens. And it happens ALOT. Where something, anything really... songs, references, historical people, real people, dreams......etc will just POP into my life TWICE within a short period of time. Sometimes in the same day, or within a couple days. And never just repopping up in my brain. From somewhere ELSE. I will hear an obscure song twice in one day, on different stations or shows or commercials. Or someone will bring up this random holiday memory, and then I'll come across the pictures of it two days later. Or I will hear about some person, usually not anyone notable that I would think of myself, but someone, and then later that day I'll SEE them. Like the other day, after enjoying some James Taylor xmas music at the party on sunday, I youtubed some of his stuff, and found a duet with the Dixie Chicks of his song Sweet Baby James, (amazing by the way check it out) and THEN, just now, I come across that exact song on my friends myspace page (who never changes their song!). JUST LIKE THAT. No rhyme or reason, (well not in reference to the song or James, kudos to his rhyming and rhythm ability), but of this THING that happens to me. It's consistent. And freaky. But I think freaky in a cool way, like in Grease when all of sudden there are angels and a old man flirting with a pink haired Frenchie and you're thinking....freaky....but kind of catchy and fun! Anyways. This THING is a pattern. And I kind of like it. Especially because I believe in weird magical stuff like that, but also because it suprises me, and I really really like suprises. Especially consistent ones. I'm hoping these two-for-ones of mysterious references keep happening, and that the topics get better. Like breaking out in Grease songs for example, twice in one week, wouldnt that be awesome.

A solution is the solution

I. bite. my. nails. REALLY badly. It's ridiculous actually. On top of the fact that I have silly square nails that arent oval and pretty like every other woman in my life, but I have to make it worse by biting them incessantly. I am constantly embarassed when I want to make a nail appointment with my girls. Plus it just looks scrappy. Like I'm still 13 and climbing trees. So recently, since its majorly flu/scold season, I have been using the 'permacare', the hand sanitizer in the patient rooms in the lab, as often as the student nurses. And today, there was a huge AHA moment, and I am extremely appreciative even though it was accompanied by a really really bad taste in my mouth. The permacre, despite being effective, makes your hands smell and TASTE like shit. So my nail biting days are OVER after a really bad moment of realizing the acidy shit that I was putting in my mouth. Pavlov was a genius, and this was all figured out without having to re-read the Berenstain Bears. Wooooo.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Spirit

I am thankful for:

Spirit. It's definiton is, to me, the most vague notion created by humans, yet uniquely unversal. Literally, it comes fromm the latin word meaning 'breath', but it's used in a wide variety of settings, from religious to 'energy' healers to the absolute spirit of our planet and its species. And this weekend was a compilation of these, happily and without tension. The unique family like spirit that can be created by a group of people who are in the health care field. Despite its corruption, the field is filled with people who really do care about helping people. And educating the future of their passion is even more inspiring. And entertaining to boot! Not only will they beat the coveted white elephant gift out of your hands, they throw a mean potluck, and are not afraid to tamely haze their newcomers at the department christmas party (aka me). Thank you baby jesus I have a half way decent voice.

My friends. Unique in the energy they bring to my life, they never cease to entertain and motivate me. Even if it is simple motivating me to find the BEST pair of shoes (specifically Michael Antonio weathered gold pumps) at Buffalo Exchange for my money, which was actually theirs, seeing as they were dumb enough to buy some of my old clothes from me (score!).

Jesse Malin. Check-out-able for reals.

Vintage/Retro/Consignment Store heaven. Imaging my mother wearing the same coat I am trying on, and the inevitable class that we did and do exude, is even more reason to be thankful for that intangible yet luckily and clearly inherited gene: KICK ASS CLASS. thank you mommy.

Stumptown coffee. Enough said.

Long 'walk and talks' with Ali Brown, with our conversation falling upon everyone within a one block radious because of our giant mouths and volume levels. But let's be real, you're jealous and you know it.

There is much more I could divulge in this sappy nostalgic way, but I won't bore you. Enjoy the morsels. As I did at the potluck last night. Egad. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes! Complete appreciation for the waist hiding marvelousness of the jersey slinky top/dress revolution.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

This moment's christmas list........

Pathetic Pleads to inanimate objects and/or Female PopRock Kickass-ers

1. Dear bags under my eyes - please go away!

2. Dear golf ball in throat - follow the bags!

3. Dear Santa - send money!

4. Dear Sara Bareilles - please come to portland so Ali and I can SEE you play!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Newly discovered crazy gene: specific to tall women

Maria (sister): there was this girl, in pottery class, she had everything in this giant pill bag! Like oxycontin, that addict stuff, and heartburn, and organic calcium, oh please! and that pink stuff, whats that called!? ooooh that song, heartburn indigestion, diarhea, upset stomach.....

Me: Peptobismal, maria, its peptobismal

Maria: oh YEAH. a giant bottle of that. Who has all that stuff!? in POTTERY?

Me: I don't know.

Maria: I'm going to go youtube that song and send you the link!

Me: awesome, I appreciate that.

Me: Hey Caitlin? you there?
Caitlin (older sister) : yeah, sorry, I took my sleeping pill, I'm getting tired
Me: oh ok, yeah I can let you go then
Caitlin: yeah, my clothes are talking to me....
Me: your WHAT? Well, what are they saying?
Caitlin: oh just drowsy things...
Me: oh ok then. well goodnight.
Caitlin: goodnight.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Vote or Die

Ive been so inspired by the outpouring of voting in Venezuela, that resulted in a 51 to 49 refusal of some pretty major proposed constitutional changes in Venezuela (which were not very democratic just fyi), that I just wanted to put this out there. Some info on the presidential candidates so far. Polling results as follows:


Giuliani 25 (-3 vs. 11/11-14 poll)
Huckabee 16 (+6)
Thompson 15 (-4)
McCain 15 (+2)
Romney 12 (nc)
Paul 4 (-1)

Giuliani holds a 13-point lead in the RCP Average.

Clinton 39 (-9 vs. 11/11-14 poll)
Obama 24 (+3)
Edwards 15 (+3)
Richardson 4 (+3)

Clinton's lead in the RCP Average is 18.3 points.

So get online or listen to the radio. Get your thoughts together, go to their websites, search your souls, your tax forms, whatever drives you and VOTE. Our efforts could bring about something similar to the Venezuelans. Oh, wait, did I just compare the Bush to a dictator. Oh, no she didn't! Yes, actually OH yes I did.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Materialism and Me

This weekend was full and a little chaotic. Sometimes in a good way, and sometimes not. But overall, it added some much needed cheesy holiday cheer (complete with peppermint schnapps and fuzzy slipper time with Sarah), as well as some retail therapy that I was able to justify because of the Holidays. And you can never underestimate the power of filling your fridge with a plethora of leftovers from all the "I've been wanting to try this place" eateries around this sopping wet city. I'm going to be the Queen Bee of the lunchroom at work this week, no doubt about it. Take that you nutri-system eating jealous wannabes!

As always, Ali Brown and I planned an all day extravaganza (which is by by far my new favorite word!) that included, as usual, some true blue stumptown coffee, shopping, food, mix cds, political discussions, and a good cry thanks to a Liberal documentary. And in order to fully understand the day, I will just leave you with the following breif glances into the two person streaming ridiculous but 'awe inspiring to some' commentary that goes on between Ali Brown and myself....

First it was to Lloyd for some "We got this on sale at old navy and gap but it doesnt look like we did" winter apparel

Me: are you sure about this...... its very 70's....
Ali: absolutely, you look like carly simon or carole king
Me: the closest I'm ever going to get to living in that decade, I'll take it!

Ali: It's like Claire in bag form :)

After scoring some major loot at an adorable tshirt design store, manned by equaly adorable boys, there was an immediate necessary conversation to be had once we had hooded ourselves to deal with the feisty rain and wind outside the shop

Me: Omigosh it smelled like BOY in there, and not in a good way, in a "I dont wear anti-perspirant" boy way......
Ali: like in my 7th grade classroom this week, stop spraying that stupid bath and body works country apple spray and put some damn deodorant on your damn pits!

and the best comment (admittedly for selfish reasons) of the day was in the Gap dressing room

Me: are you sure about this....
Ali: um YEAH, look at your arm, THAT'S skinny

And after the most MSG filled dinner of my entire Portland life (all hail the glory of the newly-discovered Safeway chinese food) I found the best fortune.

"You lead a useful life no matter what riches are coming to you"

Well said Mr. Fortune Cookie. Well said.