Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Much more than a movie review

If you know me at all, you know I'm flat out obsessive with certain parts of life, particularly music. I can't help it, I'm sure its silly but I don't really care. Born into a musical family and surrounded by magical tunes my entire childhood, I am constantly aware of my special connection to it. I am always the one singing along to the barely audible song in a bar or restaurant, and insisting that people strain to hear it because "its a great song!". Another tag-teaming obsession along with music is any movie having to do with or featuring excellent music. The second I discovered this movie, after it being mentioned by my roomate and hearing a song from its soundtrack on the radio, I KNEW I was hooked. Its titled ONCE. A small budget film about two musicians who meet on the streets of Dublin and combine their purely magical talents into a Demo CD. It's part real life (since they actually did make an album together in real life) and part screenwriting. It sounds simple but is most definitely not. It chronicles their connection, however complicated by life, and does not have a mushy ending. Its real life cinematography and part-musical quality will leave you forgeting you're even watching a movie. We saw it at the Kennedy School and I highly recommend the 3 dollar tickets and comfy couches of that venue. Please join me in the obsession!

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