Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I know I have 'plugged' the organization that I'm going to South Africa with before, and have them linked on my sidebar, but I am asking all of you (probably like 5 readers) to go check out their website as they are going through some very rough times financially. They have many community partners, government grants, and official 'nonprofit' status, but the costs of running such an amazing program are large and overwhelming. They are a family dedicated to their work and as I get to know them more and more lately as I prepare for my trip, I am keenly aware of their needs.

Sooooo, If you have an interest in contributing, you can find their 'secure payment' link at the top left of their page (its on the main page, no tab-clicking needed).

Another option: I encourage you to check out their "wish list" (on the right side of the "support us page") which shows the things they need to run the program and take care of the babes! At the top of the page, under the title there are several green tabs, click on the "support us" tab and you will see many many orange link options such as "shop for the babies" and "contribute on a monthly basis hassle free" etc.

So, instead of this being a dry info-mercial-type plea for nonprofit donation to needy children, this is me, Claire, asking for your generousity to help an organization that I will be working with next year. Its a tangible way to be involved. Go for it!

Love and peace
-Claire Catherine


Friday, August 22, 2008

My Literary To-Do List

Here are 4 books I hope to have finished by the time I leave Portland

1. Heart of Darkness - for no particular reason other than the fact that it's one of those "everyone always mentions it, it must be full of wisdom" type books and the title has always bewitched me. Does anyone have a copy? Either way, I will be stopping by Powells for a worn and loved edition, I always feel more involved when I know its been devoured whole-heartedly by someone just like me.

2. Tar Baby - In my quest to read all of my idols books (ahem Toni Morrison if you didn't go to holynames), I havent found any of them as hard to get into as this one. The characters are lovely, but if you have been out of habit of reading her, it is often hard to find the rhythm of and follow the dialogue. It's coming along, and the cover is so pretty that I know I will stick to it.

3. Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith - I began reading this on a trip to Powells my sophmore year of college and have not stopped thinking about it. Despite my almost creepy curiousity into cults and the 'weird' religions, this book did not strike me as a detailing of such life, but more so as a real memoir about a woman struggling to let go and regain her life. If I remember correctly, I was about 1/3 of the way through, so when I pick up my 6 dollar copy, I'm sure it will be quickly over.

4. This one is not a book, it is a chapter of a giant textbook (titled Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry) that has accompanied my bedside (I would say table, but what I really mean is shoe covered floor) for awhile now. I am currently in the middle of "Human Development Throughout the Lifecycle" and I. CAN. DO. IT.

5. My Antonia - Will Cather. I am going to re-read My Antonia because I LOVED this book as child (my mom said I read it like three times in sixth grade) but like every other movie or book that I havent watched or read at least 50 times, I can't remember it. Damn memory. I loathe thee. Plus, its rather short and will make this 5-books-in-one-month thing actually possible.

Any suggestions of books to add to my "Seatle for four months" reading list?


Fall Start Bitches

Unless you work in my office, it is hard to explain how insanely funny this is. And even better is that this was my boss' idea.

Peace Out

-School of Nursing Staff


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I Don't Want to Hear on a Blind Date

"I'm always singing, always have music in my head, it's like I hear radio stations or something. We put so much out there, on frequencies, that who knows what we're picking up"

"Whenever I walk into a room, I feeeeel the room, like take in the vibes and the sense of what's going on, and I just feeeeel the room" (stoner voice)

"Even when I met her she was in a lesbian relationship, but I just really could feeel that there was something big about to happen in my life, so our son was definitely that stabilizing thing that I needed. So we moved to Phoenix. And she's still a lesbian."

"The lady who works reception at my work, is Uzbekistan-y, and they think she's a spy. She works with the door closed all the time. It's weird. And she can't get a hold of her family alot. Maybe she is a spy!"

"I think I sweat a lot more when I wear headphones, I don't know what it is, but it's definitely true. I just get really really wet whenever I'm rocking out, especially when I'm doing chores around the house. It's like they keep the heat in!"


Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Heard it Here First, Edition VII

Apparently I now do these in Roman Numerals. I don' know. Just go with it. I'm not feeling that these need an intro. Life in portland is coming to a close. New things are becoming my focus. Life in seattle will be short, then I venture across the Atlantic. I am peeing my pants with excitement. But that does not distract me from obsessing about music. Here is my latest list.

1. I'm not sure HOW I did not know about this band before. Cause really, it screams hippie claire. They are called "neutral milk hotel". Yes. And they are pretty damn epic. Enjoy their "aeroplane over the sea", reccommended by Jonathan. Kind of reminds me of Kells. No wonder I like it.

2. M.I.A. I have always been intrigued, but got into her in the past two weeks after a tip from Jillian the magnificent lacrosse drunk. No, really, she's not a drunk. But the past few encounters with her, thats all we seem to get ourselves into. Back to the music, MIA, one of those semi-self-professed "retired" musicians. Whatever. She's punk, ska, indian, hip-hop etc etc. I can't put my finger on it. And despite the gun shots in this song, that rub me the wrong way, I think its superbly fun and catchy. She can really pull off those gold chains too, for some reason.

3. OK. ALERT THE PRESSES. The Cure has a new Album. Breathe. And then celebrate. Because anyone that came up with this song, this song, and my almost favorite song of all time, deserves some cred. Their new song. "The Perfect Boy". But what is WITH his hair? For reals, yo.

4. Everyone in my office is talking about this song. And by everyone I mean the most spastastic member of our staff, Elisa. And if I had my own office, I would be dancing around to this song too. It's by Lady Gaga, and called "Just Dance". We all need some of this techno-pop-dance lovelyness in our lives. And apparently she already remixed with Akon (cough scum), so theres that version as well. Go find it on Youtube.

5. Vampire Weekend. Thanks to Lauren (and their feature on mtv that I tried to resist since its mtv, right?), because these guys are pretty awesome. They classify themselves as Punk/NewWave/Classical. And they're pretty much just that. From the songs that I've been listening to allllll morning here at the coffee shop, my favorite is "APunk" which I think is their most popular, and is featured below. although other recomendations are "mansard roof" and "cape cod kwassa kwassa". My research shows they've had a few albums, but the one released in january of this year seems to be almost as good as grilled cheese sandwiches. Whoa. So to sum up, they channel the raconteurs at times, sample African-esque beats, and remind me a bit of the Arctic Monkeys. Enjoy!

6. Mmmm I love me some acoustic. Yes ma'am, I do. Fionn Regan (album titled 'End of History' released in 2007) is perfection. Although his uptempo stuff (protection racket demo) reminds me of bob dylan, his other slower, more acoustic repetoire is also along the lines of the late great folk singer. With that voice that is the hard to achieve balance between whiny and heartfelt, his song "Snowy Atlas Mountains" is freaking moving, damnit. A little bit of hillbilly, a little bit of eric miller, and a dash of postal service. Serve to Joshua Radin fans. Sounds good to me. (see alos "put a penny in the slot").

7. Apparently The Format has disbanded. Yes, we mourn appropriately. But Lauren told me that one of the dudes (main singer) from that amazing group is doing his own thing, with a couple other guys. Under the name of FUN. Oh man. His voice! It's back! Woo! And their page is kind of pink. Nice. He only has one song for now, since their album is set to be released in February 09, and it's called "Benson Hedges's Demo". It's everything great.

8. Time for another Hotel Cafe Tour shoutout. Their latest (formerly a waitress at the cafe in LA) is singer-songwriter Meiko. Along the lines of Tristan Prettyman, Jewel, The Watson Twins, other beautiful voiced women, etc etc. First discovered on my new cable series obsession called "The Cleaner". The song "said and done" (below) was featured recently. If I ever get myself to sit down with my unused guitar, I would learn some of her songs first.

She is so good, that it's worth TWO video plugs. The song is called "Boys with Girlfriends", and is a more catchy yet still beautiful pop song, with some very important advice for the whole "can boys and girls really be friends" pondery.

9. As a Sneak Peak into the 'old school hip hop' theme of my next Edition, I give you this favorite. Doesn't it just bring back the days of gradeschool, and lipsmackers, and breakfast club (st. joe's shoutout), and good ole kube 93? Yessssssss. (hint: wait for the chorus and then it will hit you)


Friday, August 15, 2008

What Chess Peice Are You?

The Bishop's Innkeeper
Congrats! Only 6-9% of the population score this!

The Bishop's Innkeeper enjoys the experience of life to the fullest. They enjoy the variety of people and material comforts. They are excellent team players and focus on tasks at hand utilizing fun. They find pleasure in the new. They will involve everyone in discussion and decision making. They value the strengths of different individuals and encourage people to contribute their best. They make great storytellers and in fact this is why they have a special place for children in their hearts. They are deprived when cut off from others.

They aren't fond of written studies, but prefer learning in a 'hands on' way. Because of this they do tend to rush. Schools can be difficult at first, but if they find the relevance of a subject - they will exceed. They are sensitive to criticism and may take it personally. They will focus on the task at hand but forgo the long term costs. However, they are practical with their approach and have a lively sense of humor. If one asks them a question, one should be prepared for a drawn out explanation of their answer and how it relates to their life.

The Bishop's Innkeeper is useful because they can quickly mobilize others during times of crises. They are genuine and optimistic so it is hard not to do as they say. They are the peacemaker due to their sympathetic and tactful natures. They are the builders of the ‘can-do’ atmosphere using humor to brighten everyone’s mood. You should be pleased scoring as a 'Pawn' - it proves that you are a constructive and contributing member of society.

I love it!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Change of Subject

So, apparently I had a melodramatic moment, forgive me :)

Back from Seattle! How I've missed that town, especially the cute guys in the U-district and the comfy bus seats. Mainly that. Oh...and my girlfriends.... only them a little bit :) The trip was fun, chaotic, wine-soaked, stressful, and relaxing. As usual, got some good cuddle time in with the little one, shopping and fighting with the mom and sister, and the interview went swimmingly. Too bad that doesn't translate into having the faintest idea about my chances!

Currently: eating spicy macaroni and cheese with chicken from new seaons market. BLISS.

Tomorrow: back to work!

In General: trying to find someone to go to "traveling pants" sequel with me. Come on!


Move back to seattle

Survive mothers house

Maria starts at Holynames

happy hours with kathleen hopefully after work in north-ish seattle

visit to chicago to see maris before, hopefully in november

thats all I got foilks


Thursday, August 7, 2008

I wish I was kidding..........

coming home makes me realize, once again, that there is a large probability that no one will ever marry me after they meet my family. and i know that everyone says that about their family, but I really mean it.


Monday, August 4, 2008

UPDATION: O.M.G. Its Happening

So many 'goings ons' are upon me!

1. The big change, aka move back to seattle (not menopause hehe), is coming soon!

2. I might possibly have a job starting mid-september, crossed fingers and fatty prayers this thursday evening at 5:15 are mutch appreciated.

3. South Africa is even closer than I expected. I'm going to soon start corresponding with my host families via facebook, so a huge cleanup of my site/photos needs to happen. Shit.

4. Packing must start ASAP, since a mid-september move is likely.

5. Tickets to SA will be nailed down by then as well.

6. Attempts to sell back clothes to trendy places in Portland will inevitably make me feel bad about myself, but are extremely necessary in the "get rid of a lot of your shit claire" task at hand, and will hopefully yeild mucho dinero.

7. My office days are coming to a close and I'm looking forward to the lack of beige. And getting to wear jeans.

8. A trip to Seattle this weekend means getting to see some of my favorite people for a much needed sleepover, and especially some cuddle time with the little one. All the "you truly love seattle" moments will remind that I CAN make it through a few months at home.

9. Only two more rent-checks to write, one being (hopefully) smaller.

10. The game called "try not to buy too many groceries cause you're leaving soon" has begun, although I refuse to feel crappy while eating cereal and cans of tuna, so I will be doing it right ya'll.

Any other "claire, you need to do this" reminders are much appreciated :)