Sunday, August 10, 2008

Change of Subject

So, apparently I had a melodramatic moment, forgive me :)

Back from Seattle! How I've missed that town, especially the cute guys in the U-district and the comfy bus seats. Mainly that. Oh...and my girlfriends.... only them a little bit :) The trip was fun, chaotic, wine-soaked, stressful, and relaxing. As usual, got some good cuddle time in with the little one, shopping and fighting with the mom and sister, and the interview went swimmingly. Too bad that doesn't translate into having the faintest idea about my chances!

Currently: eating spicy macaroni and cheese with chicken from new seaons market. BLISS.

Tomorrow: back to work!

In General: trying to find someone to go to "traveling pants" sequel with me. Come on!


Move back to seattle

Survive mothers house

Maria starts at Holynames

happy hours with kathleen hopefully after work in north-ish seattle

visit to chicago to see maris before, hopefully in november

thats all I got foilks


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