Friday, September 26, 2008

I'd rather be at Fashion Week - Part 3 - The Finale

Let's go out with a bang! Don't be afraid to check out Part 1 and Part 2... the procrastination Gods will bless you.

Vera Wang


Custo Barcelona

Chris Han

Zac Posen (holla!)

Aurelio Costarella

Ralp Lauren

Badgley Mischka

Carmen Marc Valo

Tadashi Shoji

There are many more to see, so check out the complete list of designers and droooool.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 Days Left

I have three more days in this glorious city. Actually, less than 3 because my stubborn father wants to arrive (from seattle) at 10 am, pack, and leave by 12. Yeah. Most of those three days will be spent at work, finalizing things, trying not to cry and being taken out to eat by my lovely coworkers, and the other chunks of time will consist of the following things; Eating an early morning breakfast with Emily, staring at my room and willing it to pack itself, finding a song on itunes that I haven't listened to in a long time and think will motivate me to pack more, painting and filing my nails while watching the daily show, and seeing how long I can procrastinate finishing the packing process (yet knowing the whole time that I will none-the-less get it done on time). That is my saving grace, knowing I am a procrastinator and not really caring one little bit.

And if I get bored (or need further distraction) I can always prance around in my heels (see below).

More info and funny stories (inevitable around my family) once I have settled into the 'guest room' at my mothers/fathers house.


Monday, September 22, 2008

BookNerd - a rare species... possibly endangered

By book nerd, of course I mean....practically everyone I know. Yes, thats you. And contrary to popular belief, we're actually really hot and we don't have fungus on our toes and we have social lives and we are smart and funny and get the picture. But come one, I have to just put that out there, cause I'm tired of defending myself. :)

So, the Mercury (the Seattle version of the Stranger, for all you Seattle-ites) has rather note worthy film and book reviews, and I came across an interesting peice on a compilation book of essays that is coming out. It's about the United States of America. And I really mean...the States, themselves. One original essay about each state. Titled "State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America". It details each authors particular perspective on a state of their choice. Not at all claiming to be factual, some are born-and-raised types and others are transplants, but each spits out their "witty conversation about states they're from and the state they love". Some tidbits that they shared in the review is the following:

"John Hodgman declares that sadness, anger, and frustration are what really pleases the average Bostonian. Alison Bechdel tells a story about moving to Vermont for a woman, but staying for the foliage. Susan Orlean confesses that she doesn't really relate to her home state of Ohio, while Anthony Bourdain admits that he's lied about being from New Jersey."

It's also got historical depth, as it is inspired by the project undertaken during the 1930s' New Deal that hired authors to write about their state for developing state guide-books, and it is unique in that it deviates into 'memoir territory' with passion and the pen of some famous bloggers and authors of our time.

And after all this gushing, you'd think I'd have actually read it, but alas I have not. Apparently the Mercury is just that good. Regardless, I can't WAIT to get my hands on this book and I suggest you don't wait either!


You Heard if Here First, Edition XI

As always, I am bursting with the seams about ideas and possibilities for a possibly-to-be-created-music-only blog, but alas I have too many other things going on lately (ie moving) and not to mention NO consistent internet. But that might change once I am settled into my 3.5 months in Seattle. Anyways, I have plenty of music to share, and here is some recent 'worthy of attention' finds......

1. I'll start off with a confession....some of my music...I find on Perez Hilton :) Yessss I knooowwww it's terrible trashy celebrtiy news website, but sometimes, it has really good suggestions. So whatever. So this find, a PH-er, is awesome light airy euro-pop sounding magic. It's called Bruises and its by Chairlift. It's another of those "oh I heard that on a mac commercial" cult hits.... But the sentiment of doing some really hard gymnastic trick (that would always result in a strained groin for me, pas the flexible age of 10) for someone else... is pretty cute.

2. Rachel Yamagata, who I discovered back when I was ob-SESS-ed with the Last Kiss soundtrack, has a new album and a lovely new song. She's definitely a little bit Ani, a little bit Garbage (the band!), and eerily similar to Tori Amos. It's called Sidedish Friend (aka my worst nightmare of any sort of relationship, blech). Go check out the song on her myspace page. And to see a really kick-ass live performance of her song that you might actually recognize.."be your love"....then check out her performance of it at Austin City Limits music festival.

3. Ok, this song has been ev-er-y-where lately and I don't know where I heard it first or maybe its an old song that I'm just now catching on to, but its SO catchy and COOL. For reals. Like really intelligent psychadelic alternative coldplay-esque rock. You have to GET UP AND DANCE to this one. But just a note: be patient, cause the first few seconds sounds like I accidently chose a recording of the bat exhibit at the zoo.

4. So, apparent by long standing appreciation for white boys with deep bluesy voices, ahem Jonny Lang ahem, I give you Marc Broussard. He keeps it light with "Love and Happiness", but you still can't help but wonder.... why is he so saaaaad? But, I guess thats why its called Blues. And he tours with my girl Sara Bareilles, so majah points.

5. Folk Rock. Folk Rock. Folk Rock. Say that three times fast. Well actually, it's not that hard, but it sounds good. To me at least. I love Folk Rock. A looot. That's the universal plight of daughters of hippie musicians. The Weakerthans, discovered through a friend who raves about them (and I do mean RAVE), they have been added as a pandora radio station at work. His voice sounds a little like the postal service, but not to so similar in overall sound. Forgive me for this random video, but all of the versions were live and I don't want you distracted by their ridiculous beards :) Also, shoutout to my mommy - they're from "the Peg" Canada, wherever that is.....

6. Ok. This next one is super dee duper random, and since I don't have enough ideas right now to fill up a 'covers only' version of "YHIHF" (oooh acronyms!) then I'm using it here. You know that weird but kind of good song by Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent called "Ayo technology"? It was basically about wanting the real thing, and not using porn? I don't know, maybe? Anyways, a Belgian pop singer called Mirow did an acoustic cover, and its kinda really really good, while at the same time...and it makes me laugh to...can you imagine 50 cent doing this version? Mwahaha.

7. REM's I've Been High. I never ever get sick of his voice. And I really think that bands like Coldplay and Radiohead should be very grateful for REM having 'paved the way'. Ok, off my soapbox. Just enjoy the song.

8. Long awaited, especially by my old sisters car stereo (it's had nothing to blast for such a long time!), new KILLERS album. Coming in November, and from the sounds of their new song, it's going to be greeeaatt!

8. Ok, so I've had this catchy chorus stuck in my head ever since... Oh I don't know, ever since my fabulous friend Kyle Burch grinded all over the dance floor at Club Escape to the techno remix version of it, back in the day! Touch it- bring it - babe - watch it -turn it - leave it - stop - format it! It's called Touch It by Busta Rhymes and it's caRAzy catchy and now (after googling) I know the right lyrics. I think I've been saying "stop-o-matic" for a while now :) And check out the adorable dance-routine by the cheerleaders at the beginning, that's just freaking adorable.


Friday, September 19, 2008

I deserve it!

These are my reward for finishing packing my life up and moving to Seattle. They should arrive on my "must be 95 percent finished" date. I'm going to wear them around my empty room untill the very last minute then sadly peel them off and jump in my dad's car. Oh yeah, uh huh, be jealous.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


When you work in cube land during the workday, as I do, it is like working in a tiny bubble of grey, with climate control and a very even-keel atmosphere, not to mention it blocks out anything 'real world' like grit and smells and fresh air. And because of this well maintained bubble, I tend to forget that I'm even in it. So when all of a sudden, I get a really weird feeling, like somehow my world has been intruded or altered or I'm being fucked with. And then I think to myself...."Wait, what is going on? What's that smell!? Omigod it's cigarette smoke!"....and you know what? It really fucking throws me off! It just plain pisses me off. That's all I have to say about that. And don't get me started on how my choice of curry chick soup went over yesterday at lunch. That is when I knew that I couldn't wait to be on my feet all day, making things with my hands, lifting large bags of flour, and not being afraid to wipe my hands on my pants :)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'd rather be at Fashion Week - Part 2 (of 3)

Oh my holy blueberry pancakes! What a wonderful world we live in, and if that world was just full of New York Fashion week fashions....I would be perfectly satisfied. Well, not perfectly (that could only be reached if it included a tall gorgeous man in bed with me, after having made me said pancakes), but you catch my drift. :) Sooooo the ooogling and awwwing and 'trying to find something of the same style online for a fraction of the cost while obsessively linking maris my favorite finds' is over. But the fashion pictures are not! Here are my favs from the second third of fashion week (basically the 8th, 9th and the 10th, I looked up the schedule to make sure I didn't miss anything cause I'm a nerd like that).

Monique Lhuillier (I could do a whole post on her stuff, but I'll restrain myself and only post three)

Betsey Johnson (fuck yeah!)

Max Azria

Joanna Mastroianni (a for sure 'out of nowhere' new fav find)

Michael Kors (duh!)

Nanette LePore

Pamela Roland

Name that ANTM winner!?


To tide you over

There is going to be another Fashion Week Post soooon, a recap of the second half of the saga-event-affair-of-my-dreams, but for now I'll leave you with a random picture of the day. Remember these? I do! They're completely cute and useless, but somehow make me feel all vintag-y and remind me of having a complete kanipchen-fit every time one arived in the RedRose Tea box.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's like a hair coming out my chin, weird and annoying but also really interesting.

10 Things I did today that I don't normally do.....

1. Eat a generous helping of Scalloped Potatoes. Oh my good God in heaven. I will never feel that way about any particular food, as I did today in the dining room, as long as I live. Their incredible cheesyness and artery-clogging-cream power made me ignore all other healthy food options, and I had another spoonful for dessert. Hazzah.

2. Wake up (two days running) from bad dreams continually throughout the night. Shoot me.

3. Take ibeuprofen for a headache. I never get headaches. Ok, not never, but maybe two a year. So, this is most alarming. Plus it's also been going for two days.

4. Get a Venti Iced Coffee from the bucks of the Star. I don't like their coffee. But when you leave your house at 6:30 am (after the crappy sleep I got) and nothing else is open, they are like the golden calf. Impossible not to worship.

5. Stumble over my words in front of a boy. Ok. This is not as rare. I'm silly like that. But to be flustered, while on the job, is a little unerving. And he's younger than me. And even less well spoken than I..... Le sigh.

6. Eat lunch next to my sociology advisor from undergrad.

7.Yell "I don't want to LOG IN!!" at my computer with the most whiny voice possible. My computer, probably because it will miss me after I'm gone, has decided to sloowwwly die a sad and terrible death. I, on the other hand, am ready to move on from its 'bastard-child-of-a-computer' lot in offfice land. Buh-bye!

8.Google 'yankauer suction tips' images.

9. Hummmmm out lout without realizing that I am. Yeah. For a while too, before anyone said anything, apparently. Come on people! next time, don't let me go down like that. But at least it was this song.

10. Remembering that 7 years ago today..... the 'omigod, my father is in his underwear' moment, as we stood in front of the TV and realized that our world was about to change. A minute later the second plane hit the other tower. I will never forget his face.


Monday, September 8, 2008

I'd rather be at Fashion Week

I would sooooo much rather be here........ Here are some of my favorite designers that have presented so far.....

Fashion Week 2008/2009

BCBG Max Azria

Diane Von Furstenberg

Nicole Miller

Rubin Singer

Charlotte Ronson


Carolina Herrera (2)

Luca Luca



Miss Sixty


Peter Tom