Monday, September 22, 2008

BookNerd - a rare species... possibly endangered

By book nerd, of course I mean....practically everyone I know. Yes, thats you. And contrary to popular belief, we're actually really hot and we don't have fungus on our toes and we have social lives and we are smart and funny and get the picture. But come one, I have to just put that out there, cause I'm tired of defending myself. :)

So, the Mercury (the Seattle version of the Stranger, for all you Seattle-ites) has rather note worthy film and book reviews, and I came across an interesting peice on a compilation book of essays that is coming out. It's about the United States of America. And I really mean...the States, themselves. One original essay about each state. Titled "State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America". It details each authors particular perspective on a state of their choice. Not at all claiming to be factual, some are born-and-raised types and others are transplants, but each spits out their "witty conversation about states they're from and the state they love". Some tidbits that they shared in the review is the following:

"John Hodgman declares that sadness, anger, and frustration are what really pleases the average Bostonian. Alison Bechdel tells a story about moving to Vermont for a woman, but staying for the foliage. Susan Orlean confesses that she doesn't really relate to her home state of Ohio, while Anthony Bourdain admits that he's lied about being from New Jersey."

It's also got historical depth, as it is inspired by the project undertaken during the 1930s' New Deal that hired authors to write about their state for developing state guide-books, and it is unique in that it deviates into 'memoir territory' with passion and the pen of some famous bloggers and authors of our time.

And after all this gushing, you'd think I'd have actually read it, but alas I have not. Apparently the Mercury is just that good. Regardless, I can't WAIT to get my hands on this book and I suggest you don't wait either!


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