Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 Days Left

I have three more days in this glorious city. Actually, less than 3 because my stubborn father wants to arrive (from seattle) at 10 am, pack, and leave by 12. Yeah. Most of those three days will be spent at work, finalizing things, trying not to cry and being taken out to eat by my lovely coworkers, and the other chunks of time will consist of the following things; Eating an early morning breakfast with Emily, staring at my room and willing it to pack itself, finding a song on itunes that I haven't listened to in a long time and think will motivate me to pack more, painting and filing my nails while watching the daily show, and seeing how long I can procrastinate finishing the packing process (yet knowing the whole time that I will none-the-less get it done on time). That is my saving grace, knowing I am a procrastinator and not really caring one little bit.

And if I get bored (or need further distraction) I can always prance around in my heels (see below).

More info and funny stories (inevitable around my family) once I have settled into the 'guest room' at my mothers/fathers house.


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