Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Heard it here First, Edition IX

My flurry of posting was short lived dontcha think? It's been over a week and I really don't have anything exciting going on in my life. Mainly just ignoring the fact that my life in portland is very close to being over, and catching up with friends. And of course by 'catching up with friends' I mean eating too much food, watching silly netflix movies, and getting drunk on tequilla in southwest portland with almost the entire 1L class from Lewis and Clark Law School. Yeah. So instead of an update of actual substance, I bring you more musical musings that have been piling up in my texts "drafts" box of my phone. It's like talking to myself, but modernized.

1. I was positively certain that I had already featured this artist, but in my look back at the old editions, I could not find her. So I will plug her songs officially here. Her name is Adele. Fabulously talented, British, has a little bit of everything in her style, but its got lots of soul, some acoustic, and majah tude. Hmmm, picking one to share here is hard, but I'll go with the more melodramatic "Chasing Pavements", but theres also the really awesome shake ya ass "Hometown High Contrast Remix".

Ps: isn't this video SICK!?

2. I will confess that I found this song while watching the 90210 remake/comeback show last night. My first ever venture into the CW teeny-bop genre (and just FYIL: it will not become a habit, the show was blech-to-ok and I really only watched to see if Brenda and Kelly would scratch eachothers eyes out). But the co-ed band, called Tilly and the Wall was worth watching intellect-poaching-bad-acting to find. They come from Nebraska and they..... ROCK. It's like a punk version of the bangles mixed with some White stripes-esque beats. If their trippy tie-dyed myspace page and their recent show at SXSW is any indication of their awesomeness, then I am impressed. Enjoy "Pot Kettle Black".

ps: I also recommend "Beat Control"!

4. I remember the night well,(shocking I know). It was a hang out, beer, bean bags, hookah night at the FarmHouse senior year. We were on the porch in the wee hours of the morning. Alex insisted that he put "The Beautiful Girls" on my itunes (which was supplying the music on the smoky porch). They are a group from down under (since 2002) who has haunted me since college. Producing some really amazing roots/folk/reggae/often-minimalist type music, they have been compared to the likes of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson etc etc. I would reccomend "Freedom" if you're looking for mellow, and "Under a Southern Sky" if you're looking for some jam-band type festival rock. I would leave you with the song that brought me back to them, on my almost dead ipod the other day, a song call The Blackbird, but unfortunately it's not on youtube, so I'll leave you this one. Ashes. (disclaimer: I was unaware of the kissing stuff before I chose this video, so don't go getting all analytical).

5. Oh Wyclef. The only ex-Fugee to still have a career. I'm glad he's still around, cause everything he does sounds great, and there's just something about his voice. Maybe it's the fact that I could sing along to this song with my mother (after the shock and embarassment that we knew the same song wore off). Or maybe that his album with the giant pink thing on it confused me from my older sisters CD binder for years. (I later found out it was a pink carnival mask instead of what I could have sworn was a pink fist). But regardless, his stuff is Gold! Here's Fast Car. And it features Paul Simon. Holla!

6. Orange Sky. By Alexi Murdoch. And oldie (as in it's been around for awhile) but the Taxi Driver and I bonded over it a couple weeks ago (yay for normal and clean radio cab drivers in pdx) and so I've been reminded of its brilliance. Watch out for flashbacks to teen angst shows that it's been featured in (as well as basically any 'end of the episode emotional montage' ever made). Sounds a lot like Jeff Buckley mixed with a bluesy and slower James Taylor. And since I refuse to post one of the many youtube versions of this song that glorified the current war, I give you a live version.

7. The Review God of my Rock and Roll youth was none other than the wonderful and weirdly oversized Rolling Stone Magazine. And this past tuesday, as I hung with my two favorite Baracks (the man on the cover of the magazine and my haistylist of the same extremely rare name), I caught up on the all the amazingness within. The group is called "The Hold Steady" and after reading, I was convinced they were for me. A brooklyn band with minnesota roots (punk infused, yet also very midwest america rock/blues sounding) their song called "Chips Ahoy" kind of reminds me of the Empire Records soundtrack (hey maris, remember when we watched that were obsessed with that one song by sugarcult for about three days?!), but the stuff from their new album (Stay Positive) is considerably more mature and mellow (but with an appropriate dash of 'weezer' type intensity). Jesus that was a run on sentence, I apologize. Anyways, I can't quite figure out which song to suggest, so I say "go do it yourself" to this one.

8.. Jessie Baylin - she is another artist that I feel like I have mentioned before, but I am now (after this long ass post) too lazy look her up in my past editions, so I am going to recommend her anyways. She is another one of those folky-poppy-sexy female artists that I would practically go gay for. They are intelligent and mysterious and really really good at guitar. And she happens to have toured with Brett Dennen, so immediately think...I. Must. Listen. Now. Her debut album is fabulous (shared a producer with Norah Jones), and her new album Firesight is out this year. Random fact: she's engaged to one of the cool dudes from Kings of Leon. So anyways, her song 'Leave Your Mark' is one of my favorites. Here's a live version!


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