Sunday, March 30, 2008

A not so wasted weekend

So you know that tournament I had been working SO HARD at planning, frantically running around trying to coorindate, all the while feeling ignored, and then magically came together pretty much the last two days? was CANCELLED. I am stil trying to shove down the livid claire ranting that bubbles up every, oh, say HOUR. But, I can say with certainty, that I made the 24 hour pointless trip with the BEST most awesome most easy going girls EVER.

(Mwahaha notice the nipping coverage by Jillian, classic)

But, instead of feeling pissed and miserable for our almost 4 hour trip both ways in the car, Jillian, Ashley, and I entertained ourselves by singing along to random old pop songs on Ashley's ipod (mainly because the alternatives were those retchid country stations that pop up when you press 'seek' on the radio). Fun and flashback inducing gems from the likes of Enrique, and Boys to Men, and Juvenile, and many many others. Plus the scenery, was kick ass, and of course I obsessively borrowed ashely's camera in order to document

The ride was also punctuated by several exclamations from the city girl (me) squeeling "look, theres a tumbleweed! omigosh a tumbleweed!". Cause hey, thats how it was for me, pretty exciting, not gonna lie. A tumbleweed thats not in a western movie, pretty rare. Oh and to add to the 'middle of nowhere I'm really glad we dont live here' feeling, was the confederate flag we saw waving high (cringe) and the gas station atendent drinking a mirror pond beer at 3 in the afternoon. Yup. Thats how it was out there. The only thing we could all agree would be fun, would be petting a cow! But we couldnt imagine that maneuvering over barbed wire fences would be a good way to cap off the trip, so we gave up on that idea quickly. And despite being cramped and having my hip pretty much pop out of its socket around the town of Lyle, Wa - we even managed to have some pretty intense conversations, as lots of people in a small space for several hours often causes. Death and religion and self esteem. Just the usual :) The best part about the whole debacle, was the most amazing excuse it gave us to go out! Dani likes to call it sha-wasted! I'll stick with a grand ole time. And thats exactly what it was. Thank you baby jesus for the leftover team gatorades!

We paid tribute to our team on the bathroom walls of the Public Leisure House, (dont worry, we are not vandalizers, chalk is provided for such excuberance!)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Follow your Bliss

things that take me to that "van morrison, eating a grilled cheese, sleeping in untill noon" type place............

getting an email from a lovely friend (hi nicole!), and a nytimes link, to let me know that she is thinking of me :) (ps: that article was perfect, especially with my giant sister in town, we actually read it outload and bonded over it in bed before going to sleep, thanks!)

This song, called Hey Amy - by The Booze. I would have loved to be their garage neighbor. Its soooooo good.

picture messages from lauren at work. priceless. and their 'keeping us connected' powers despite all of the madness of our lives.

getting an email back from a former lacrosse city teammate "i'll bring our team goal, and remember that party a couple years ago!?" hahahahaha yes I do.

a good vent session at work

tomato soup and grilled cheese with anne at the leisure room. complete with booont amber. what a fun word, booont, say that several times. it never gets old, and its never not awesome.

being told how 'highly competent' someone thinks you are

hearing about a friends truely magical sunrise easter mass and closing my eyes to better imagine it. and it actually working!

extremely helpful links from a dad who usually isnt very helpful

giggling like a four year old with esteemed university faculty over how ridiculous I looked eating ribs for lunch. they were leftovers ok!

leaving my cell at home for a couple hours

knowing that you actually get to FALL asleep by 10pm.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh the things I do for money.......

Sitting in the hallway outside the University Commons fundraising for the Womens Lacrosse Team that I coach, was considerably more fun than I had originaly thought it would be. If only the preists new what we were up to.......

Balls for sale! and if you're lucky a shaft!

Win a date with Danni!

Help us get to our tournament!

Win a date with Dani!

Are you currently dissatisfied with your balls and stick? We're the gals for you! Get a new set for one easy payment of 1 dollar!

Need new balls?

Did we mention that you can win a date with Danni!?

You don't lean that way, thast alright, how about some hot pink shorts!?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The vacation bubble has officially popped

Its the afternoon at work, and I am just now getting my bearings. The world has decided to blast me with a shit ton of bullcrap. I really had no idea its capabilities untill I came back to work today, after a 4 day seattle and family and easter extravaganza. Being disconnected from internet, outlook calendar, work email, etc etc is extremely difficult and I should have paid attention to the fact that it took me almost all weekend to ignore the fact that I felt like an arm was missing, and to actually relax. Because despite the bubble of sleeping in and not showering untill you absolutely have to, and driving to starbucks in order to hopefully run into caitlin and get some caffeine, and watching gilmore girls in bed with my mom and so on, it would have served me better to listen to that little voice just a little. On top of the immense amount of work that is piling up, plus the coordinating for my lacrosse team's tournament hosting and playing responsibilites this weekend in Yakima, I have a giant sleeping in my bed with me and eating my "is this really food claire?" food. That giant being my 'little' sister Maria. All '13 almost 14 years' of her awkward existence; stealing my covers, texting while walking, and having butt slapping wars untill we call a truce amidst real cries of pain. I'm loving every minute of it. But I'm not gonna lie, I am more and more respectful of my mothers patience with and dedication to her than ever before. So despite all this craziness and piles screaming "take care of me" in bright post it notes (none of that pastel shit, puhleas!) I am more than glad to be spending time with my sister (and by spsending time we of course mean shopping, eating, and blazer games), happy to have hibernated a bit in my mothers house, and completley more aware of the catch 22-ness of the vacation bubble.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I come home for these moments

1. In the middle of church with the most earnest of nudges
Maria: I just swallowed my tonsil!! Look, feel this, its right here stuck in my throat!

2. Hanging out in the Dick's parking lot eating burgers, fries, and milkshakes and listening to Kube (yes, its like highschool with my mom and without my friends..)
Mom: who's singing this song?
me: oh its Chris Brown
Mom: Oh he is SO sexy.
Me: he's 18 mom.
Mom: oh....

3. So who's your science teacher again?
Maria: oh she's really cool, we were learning about Ebola the other day, did you know its AIRBORNE, you can get it through the vents!
me: no, maria you can't get it through the air...
Maria: no, i'm not lying, you can get it through the AIR.

4.Outfit consultation
Mom: so what do you think of these boots?
Me: well, they're a little hooker-esque, but in a reall good way
Mom: why thank you claire, I'm feeling pretty slutty today


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Claire goes to summer school!

I'm thinking about taking a class this summer. Mainly because I crave the dorky yet incredibly satisfying feeling of being in school, and also the cash in on the employee discount. Holla!

So I am asking for input on my choice.....

Some of the following may have prerequisites that I don't have, but in the end if I really want to take it, I may just audit it. Many of these may also help with graduate school posibilities, career plans, and midwifery prereqs.

Let me know what you think! Feel Free to vote for one in each category, and your overall top two choices.

Psych/Soc/SocWork Related - (eeek my favs!)

Psy 470 - psychology of Aggression

Psy 391 – Memory Errors: False memory, eyewitness unreliability, false confessions.

Soc 481 – Marriage: Social and Ethical Dimensions

Social Justice / Ethics / History

SJP (social justice practice) – Europe in the age of dictatorship

THE (theology) 427 – Theological Environmental Ethics

Communications / Fun

Eng (English) 491 – Teachers in Film and Fiction

CST (communication studies) 492 – Great Speeches

PreReqs and Grad School Specific

BIO (biology) 307 + Lab, BIO 308 + Lab – Human Anatomy and Physiology plus 1 credit Labs

Ed (education) 556 – Leadership in the Socio-Political Context


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Macerole - The only time I can truly appreciate the stupidity of the White House

I am flabbergasted. That is the only word to describe this. I can't stop thinking about it actually, ever since Will showed this to me and Matt on saturday. And we basically sat around for the first few minutes looking at eachother and bursting out every 10 seconds with ...."wait...whaaaaat!?"....or..."is this for reals!?". Apparently the White House didnt get the memo. Colbert is JOKING. He JOKES about conservative America and its bullshit administration for a LIVING. And they invite him to the White House Correspondents Dinner? Did they not KNOW who he IS? Wait....WHAT!? yeah, see..... I was waiting for that to truly register. YEAH. Enjoy this clip of the "speech" by Colbert (its only 10 minutes of the 25, so go have fun on youtube, plus theres other clips of Bush's real-time reactions to Colbert - totally and completely priceless!). I would feel bad for Bush, but that would mean I would have to think he doesnt deserve this. And everyone knows how I feel about this administration. But the funniest part that he BROUGHT IT ON himself. Insert foot in mouth for the remainder of his presidency. Plain and Simple. But then again, that is his specialty.

Ahahhahahah ahahaha ahhahahaha hahahahaha


What is politically correct?

People are torn, yet equally passionate, about the "race" and "gender" issue in the Democratic election. And regardless of whether people think it should matter, or if we think we should even be talking about it, you cannot ignore those constructs in our society and how they affect our understanding of our lives and the society we live in. It's undeniable. People say "it doesn't matter", and although I understand their perspective (and agree that these issues should not affect why or how we vote), these things do "matter". But I think it depends on what you think the word "matter" means. Should you let gender or race keep you from voting for someone? obviously not. Should you assume things about someone and their political views because of their race or gender? Obviously not. But is it ok to feel excited about the fact that someone of your gender or race is being elected, after centuries of oppression and obvious glass ceilings? YES. Is it ok to be excited that we could be electing the first woman or first black man into the presidency? something never before done and only 50 years after the civil rights movement? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. And I'm sick of people throwing out this issue as irelevant. Because it is important, and it does matter. And today, Barack Obama is confronting this issue, despite and amongst continual outcries that he is playing the "race" card, so I applaud his honesty about his personal views on this issue; and especially his courage to venture into a discussion about something that is very real in our country, but is continually swept under the rug.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Stress List

After extreme laziness this weekend. (And by that I mean getting through ALL of the office on netflix - ie every single episode to date, within the past week and a half. IMPRESSIVE I know) this Monday has proven to be just another manic monday. (Sorry for the corny link, its such a great song that I just I couldn’t resist. Plus its by the bangles. I know. Don’t hate me.) So in loo (sp?) of that, the cosmos has righted things by making everything more overwhelming than usual. And unfortunately none of it is work related, and so I cant rely on the “leaving it at work” tactic that I am oh so good at. So here are the things on my list of life stresses.

We are now HOSTING the tournament in Yakima in two weeks. FUCK ME. Yeah. Its that ridic. UP Womens LAX and University of Montana (the two exhibition teams this year) are now IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING. And we’ve only known since last week. Fuck fuck fuck. And the only redeeming factor that is keeping me going through all the frantic “can you bring your goal?” And “yes that hotel is close to the field” and “hey can you bring an extra stopwatch” and “yes we’re bringing the spray paint” phone calls, is that our team (mainly me and my leadership team) look pretty freaking awesome. If only getting shit done could get me a boyfriend. That would be nice. But instead I’ll settle for a chance to up our status and solidify our legitimacy for future years. Woohoo club sports.

HOUSING. After a ‘youre screwed’ fiasco with the phantom roommate, I am now on the prowl for new housing. There are some really awesome leads that im looking into, specifically the second floor of an awesome house in northwest portland with ali. UM YEAH. Northwest. Need I say more!! But nothing is solid quite yet and I have until april 20th. Send me good juju ok? (ps that Lauren friendly term has crossed over into my life and now also reminds me another Lauren-word and favorite candy– juji fruit, which still makes me say “what the hell?” - cause ive never even SEEN that candy in stores before! Any suggestions as to where to find it Portlanders?)

The fact that our timesheets didn’t get over to payroll on Friday and were frantically run over just this morning, meaning I might not get paid as planned before the trek home for easter weekend.

Not good. Not good at all.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting Drunk with Boys

Will: we have a pool table at work

Me: oh yeah? thats awesome

Will: yeah but its stuck behind the firetruck in the garage

Matt: like a real firetruck? for what?

Will: its a mini fire truck, like for small fires

Me: what!?

Will: its for one use ok! jeez.

Claire: oh yeah, the disposable ones. right.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life Changing Wardrobe Addition

Ali warned me that the purchase or gift of awesome riding boots would equal some pretty drastic contentedness. Luckily, she was damn right. They are by far the best present I recived this past christmas season. My mother never fails to impress me with her style. They magically turn any oufit into pure classy atire. These boots, combined with the best 11 bucks I have ever spent, tights!

....equals a magical solution to skirts in winter, as well as blister avoidance while pairing jeans and boots. And I won't even go into the marvels of, yet embarassing to confess, control top aspect. I truly am a grown up now. Shit!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Network of No

I really don't think there is anything as uniquely awful as being told with incredibly clear matter-of-fact tone that my entire extended family does not support one of my biggest dreams. I think I could have handled a passionate "don't leave us" cry, or even an ill-informed and stereotypical statement about the "danger" of Africa, if it had come from a place of worry and love. I have dealt with many of those and that has only inspired me to convince them even more fervently. Explaining my good intentions and the need for true service, all the while playing up of the Christian service card (knowing its guilt inducing capabilities amongst my Catholic charity bound elders). But instead it was a clear statement that no one cares. No one agrees. A emotion-less statement..... "You must know that claire, no one supports that decision". It stings just a little bit more to hear it said that way, to know that they are so passionately against it that they wouldnt want me to be 'in the dark' about my own ridiculousness. As if its a favor. They say it is not practical, not a good use of my talents, and doesnt make monetary sense. Since when does practicality come before compassion and service? Do they know me at all? Neat and tidy and check writing is not my dream of helping others. It can be theirs, but not mine. In the face of their mind paralysis, I'm going to find a new comfort zone (gasp, one beyond country clubs), a new way of addressing an issue and growing as a person, and if that isnt good enough for them, then I guess they won't be getting a postcard. It also makes me realize how much of a wall I must put up to their non-understanding. I flick away the tears that well up and over the lids and draw upon the real compassionate support I recieve from other areas of my life, the people who actually see me, and more than respect me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Perez Hilton is Good for Something

Words Matter.

House Rep (R-Oklahoma) Sally Kern speaks.

I hope she gets a healthy dose of cold shoulder for the rest of her political career. And to think she is CHAIR of the social services committee and graduated with a degree in sociology. WHAT? Gives me the shivers. Not that I think she is without a deserved inundation of emails after a speech like that, but , here is her webpage, take a look, and let her know what you think.

Friday, March 7, 2008

You Heard it Here First - Edition 2

In all reality, you probably didn't hear it here first. But let's pretend you did. Just for my musical genius credibility which we all know I have, you know its true. Here are some of my favorite things right now in the world of music. Some older. Some new. And some massive claps and snaps for - a everexpanding vault of good music, and also to - the station I could only dream to work for (no I'm not adding that to my plethera of career wants, just a musing, ignore me). But mainly these just come from my head, songs I find myself singing or refereing to in conversation or realizing that I've been not quite but almost been singing a hook from all day (weird I know, but it happens a lot actually). Anyways. Here you go. Enjoy.

Out Loud - by Dispatch. And oldie but a goodie, it played on my pandora playlist today and I realize how much I love their clear acoustic sound but also very real and urgent feel that they give to their vocals. And extremely unique. To me, it sounds like something from my childhood campfire bliss. My camp counselor crush was named Carl,he was british. sigh. I can't find a decent youtube video, other than everyone and their mother covering this song in their dirty living room, so check out one of their fake myspace pages and take a listen :)

Rain City - Turin Brakes. Without shame, I confess that a lot of my favorite songs and groups from the past few years has been from renting seasons of the OC and then immediately going and downloading their soundtracks. It's like a indie music treasure chest. And one of my crown jewels was this one. It's also somewhat not very new, but I played it on a whim this morning while getting ready, and I was pleasantly surprised. The video is pretty pathetic, but listen while you read. Don't fall asleep though, its pretty chill.

Travailler Orgasmic Remix - by TTC. And juuust when you thought I was getting all indie music snobby, I bring you some really awesome french white rap pop with THAT title. I know. It's big over their right now, and who doesnt like some french ridiculousness with their coffee in the morning. Maybe add a croissant for flair, see its already rubbing off on you. You're just lucky you arent spending the entire time trying to understand, which of course leads to many many listens. Which I guess isnt necessarily a bad thing. I would freaking love to rock out to this in Club Escape. And who knew that the best rapper out of all of them would be the one who looks like freaking dilbert.

Shake it - Metro Station. My new favorite song, saving the best for last, has a surprisingly retro vibe to it, but apparently thats in right, think Amy Winehouse and other british invasions of that nature. Kind of reminds me of what would have happened if you put the Killers and the Cure into the mid nineties and made them write a song. Makes me want to put a printed hoodie on and run around on a skateboard. But I'm going to feature these awesome girls, who I would have LOVED to be in this video with. My friends and I were too busy making up dances to Lauryn Hill songs at that age to be doing anything as age appropriate and silly-fun as this.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gmail's postsecret: I have a panty fetish

The five google sidebar ads while currently logged into gmail. 3/4/08 2:48 pm

Men wearing nightgowns


Teen panties on sale

diapers for girls

men in pantie

topped off with the ad that’s above the gmail email inbox

Women who wear thongs – the lowdown

What the fuck gmail!?

Stay Tuned: I am aware that my blogs lately have been lacking in substance, but the past few days have been awfuly sucky, for no apparent reason, so give me the benefit of the doubt, and keep an eye out for an upcoming music edition, full of juicy new stuff that you'll end up digging!

Monday, March 3, 2008

ummmmm YEAH

I have internet!!

I have internet!!

I have internet!!

I have internet!!

I have internet!!

I have internet!!

and most importantly


as majorly exciting as this is, this could also be the death of me in the form of never getting out of bed, eating, reading, and basically LIVING in bed as I enjoy my newfound unlimited movies/shows on netflix. UM YEAH. call me if you don't hear from my for awhile. remind me that ive been meaning to read more lately. but also, do a little DANCE for my blessing of INTERNET IN BED. :)