Thursday, March 27, 2008

Follow your Bliss

things that take me to that "van morrison, eating a grilled cheese, sleeping in untill noon" type place............

getting an email from a lovely friend (hi nicole!), and a nytimes link, to let me know that she is thinking of me :) (ps: that article was perfect, especially with my giant sister in town, we actually read it outload and bonded over it in bed before going to sleep, thanks!)

This song, called Hey Amy - by The Booze. I would have loved to be their garage neighbor. Its soooooo good.

picture messages from lauren at work. priceless. and their 'keeping us connected' powers despite all of the madness of our lives.

getting an email back from a former lacrosse city teammate "i'll bring our team goal, and remember that party a couple years ago!?" hahahahaha yes I do.

a good vent session at work

tomato soup and grilled cheese with anne at the leisure room. complete with booont amber. what a fun word, booont, say that several times. it never gets old, and its never not awesome.

being told how 'highly competent' someone thinks you are

hearing about a friends truely magical sunrise easter mass and closing my eyes to better imagine it. and it actually working!

extremely helpful links from a dad who usually isnt very helpful

giggling like a four year old with esteemed university faculty over how ridiculous I looked eating ribs for lunch. they were leftovers ok!

leaving my cell at home for a couple hours

knowing that you actually get to FALL asleep by 10pm.


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