Saturday, March 22, 2008

I come home for these moments

1. In the middle of church with the most earnest of nudges
Maria: I just swallowed my tonsil!! Look, feel this, its right here stuck in my throat!

2. Hanging out in the Dick's parking lot eating burgers, fries, and milkshakes and listening to Kube (yes, its like highschool with my mom and without my friends..)
Mom: who's singing this song?
me: oh its Chris Brown
Mom: Oh he is SO sexy.
Me: he's 18 mom.
Mom: oh....

3. So who's your science teacher again?
Maria: oh she's really cool, we were learning about Ebola the other day, did you know its AIRBORNE, you can get it through the vents!
me: no, maria you can't get it through the air...
Maria: no, i'm not lying, you can get it through the AIR.

4.Outfit consultation
Mom: so what do you think of these boots?
Me: well, they're a little hooker-esque, but in a reall good way
Mom: why thank you claire, I'm feeling pretty slutty today


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Lauren said...

ebola can be airborne with monkeys!! but thats it... and only this one time. :) Yay for good quotage.