Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Macerole - The only time I can truly appreciate the stupidity of the White House

I am flabbergasted. That is the only word to describe this. I can't stop thinking about it actually, ever since Will showed this to me and Matt on saturday. And we basically sat around for the first few minutes looking at eachother and bursting out every 10 seconds with ...."wait...whaaaaat!?"....or..."is this for reals!?". Apparently the White House didnt get the memo. Colbert is JOKING. He JOKES about conservative America and its bullshit administration for a LIVING. And they invite him to the White House Correspondents Dinner? Did they not KNOW who he IS? Wait....WHAT!? yeah, see..... I was waiting for that to truly register. YEAH. Enjoy this clip of the "speech" by Colbert (its only 10 minutes of the 25, so go have fun on youtube, plus theres other clips of Bush's real-time reactions to Colbert - totally and completely priceless!). I would feel bad for Bush, but that would mean I would have to think he doesnt deserve this. And everyone knows how I feel about this administration. But the funniest part is....is that he BROUGHT IT ON himself. Insert foot in mouth for the remainder of his presidency. Plain and Simple. But then again, that is his specialty.

Ahahhahahah ahahaha ahhahahaha hahahahaha


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