Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Claire goes to summer school!

I'm thinking about taking a class this summer. Mainly because I crave the dorky yet incredibly satisfying feeling of being in school, and also the cash in on the employee discount. Holla!

So I am asking for input on my choice.....

Some of the following may have prerequisites that I don't have, but in the end if I really want to take it, I may just audit it. Many of these may also help with graduate school posibilities, career plans, and midwifery prereqs.

Let me know what you think! Feel Free to vote for one in each category, and your overall top two choices.

Psych/Soc/SocWork Related - (eeek my favs!)

Psy 470 - psychology of Aggression

Psy 391 – Memory Errors: False memory, eyewitness unreliability, false confessions.

Soc 481 – Marriage: Social and Ethical Dimensions

Social Justice / Ethics / History

SJP (social justice practice) – Europe in the age of dictatorship

THE (theology) 427 – Theological Environmental Ethics

Communications / Fun

Eng (English) 491 – Teachers in Film and Fiction

CST (communication studies) 492 – Great Speeches

PreReqs and Grad School Specific

BIO (biology) 307 + Lab, BIO 308 + Lab – Human Anatomy and Physiology plus 1 credit Labs

Ed (education) 556 – Leadership in the Socio-Political Context


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Lauren said...

Question: If you are so hard up for cash, should you not be focusing on africa? I guess it depends on how much of a discount a discount is, but you have trouble saving as it is. Just a thought. Eye on the prize my love.