Friday, March 7, 2008

You Heard it Here First - Edition 2

In all reality, you probably didn't hear it here first. But let's pretend you did. Just for my musical genius credibility which we all know I have, you know its true. Here are some of my favorite things right now in the world of music. Some older. Some new. And some massive claps and snaps for - a everexpanding vault of good music, and also to - the station I could only dream to work for (no I'm not adding that to my plethera of career wants, just a musing, ignore me). But mainly these just come from my head, songs I find myself singing or refereing to in conversation or realizing that I've been not quite but almost been singing a hook from all day (weird I know, but it happens a lot actually). Anyways. Here you go. Enjoy.

Out Loud - by Dispatch. And oldie but a goodie, it played on my pandora playlist today and I realize how much I love their clear acoustic sound but also very real and urgent feel that they give to their vocals. And extremely unique. To me, it sounds like something from my childhood campfire bliss. My camp counselor crush was named Carl,he was british. sigh. I can't find a decent youtube video, other than everyone and their mother covering this song in their dirty living room, so check out one of their fake myspace pages and take a listen :)

Rain City - Turin Brakes. Without shame, I confess that a lot of my favorite songs and groups from the past few years has been from renting seasons of the OC and then immediately going and downloading their soundtracks. It's like a indie music treasure chest. And one of my crown jewels was this one. It's also somewhat not very new, but I played it on a whim this morning while getting ready, and I was pleasantly surprised. The video is pretty pathetic, but listen while you read. Don't fall asleep though, its pretty chill.

Travailler Orgasmic Remix - by TTC. And juuust when you thought I was getting all indie music snobby, I bring you some really awesome french white rap pop with THAT title. I know. It's big over their right now, and who doesnt like some french ridiculousness with their coffee in the morning. Maybe add a croissant for flair, see its already rubbing off on you. You're just lucky you arent spending the entire time trying to understand, which of course leads to many many listens. Which I guess isnt necessarily a bad thing. I would freaking love to rock out to this in Club Escape. And who knew that the best rapper out of all of them would be the one who looks like freaking dilbert.

Shake it - Metro Station. My new favorite song, saving the best for last, has a surprisingly retro vibe to it, but apparently thats in right, think Amy Winehouse and other british invasions of that nature. Kind of reminds me of what would have happened if you put the Killers and the Cure into the mid nineties and made them write a song. Makes me want to put a printed hoodie on and run around on a skateboard. But I'm going to feature these awesome girls, who I would have LOVED to be in this video with. My friends and I were too busy making up dances to Lauryn Hill songs at that age to be doing anything as age appropriate and silly-fun as this.

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Lauren said...

The metro station one is SO cute. Why cant we be that cool?