Monday, March 17, 2008

Stress List

After extreme laziness this weekend. (And by that I mean getting through ALL of the office on netflix - ie every single episode to date, within the past week and a half. IMPRESSIVE I know) this Monday has proven to be just another manic monday. (Sorry for the corny link, its such a great song that I just I couldn’t resist. Plus its by the bangles. I know. Don’t hate me.) So in loo (sp?) of that, the cosmos has righted things by making everything more overwhelming than usual. And unfortunately none of it is work related, and so I cant rely on the “leaving it at work” tactic that I am oh so good at. So here are the things on my list of life stresses.

We are now HOSTING the tournament in Yakima in two weeks. FUCK ME. Yeah. Its that ridic. UP Womens LAX and University of Montana (the two exhibition teams this year) are now IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING. And we’ve only known since last week. Fuck fuck fuck. And the only redeeming factor that is keeping me going through all the frantic “can you bring your goal?” And “yes that hotel is close to the field” and “hey can you bring an extra stopwatch” and “yes we’re bringing the spray paint” phone calls, is that our team (mainly me and my leadership team) look pretty freaking awesome. If only getting shit done could get me a boyfriend. That would be nice. But instead I’ll settle for a chance to up our status and solidify our legitimacy for future years. Woohoo club sports.

HOUSING. After a ‘youre screwed’ fiasco with the phantom roommate, I am now on the prowl for new housing. There are some really awesome leads that im looking into, specifically the second floor of an awesome house in northwest portland with ali. UM YEAH. Northwest. Need I say more!! But nothing is solid quite yet and I have until april 20th. Send me good juju ok? (ps that Lauren friendly term has crossed over into my life and now also reminds me another Lauren-word and favorite candy– juji fruit, which still makes me say “what the hell?” - cause ive never even SEEN that candy in stores before! Any suggestions as to where to find it Portlanders?)

The fact that our timesheets didn’t get over to payroll on Friday and were frantically run over just this morning, meaning I might not get paid as planned before the trek home for easter weekend.

Not good. Not good at all.



*********************** said...

I've never seen Juju fruit either, but heard of it constantly. It's a mythological creature if you ask me.
I really hope the living sitch works out- I'm trying not to think/talk about it so I don't jinx it.
Also, since I'm assuming you were curious and because I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't tell you anyway, loo is lieu. What a silly word that is. Have a better day!

these cosmic fish said...


you're cute. i like reading your blog. : )

Lauren said...

im going to mail you all the juji. you just wait.

Ann said...

Regarding the "JuJy Fruit Search",
have you tried Finnegan's Toys downtown?
Fun store and they just might have the candy.