Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is politically correct?

People are torn, yet equally passionate, about the "race" and "gender" issue in the Democratic election. And regardless of whether people think it should matter, or if we think we should even be talking about it, you cannot ignore those constructs in our society and how they affect our understanding of our lives and the society we live in. It's undeniable. People say "it doesn't matter", and although I understand their perspective (and agree that these issues should not affect why or how we vote), these things do "matter". But I think it depends on what you think the word "matter" means. Should you let gender or race keep you from voting for someone? obviously not. Should you assume things about someone and their political views because of their race or gender? Obviously not. But is it ok to feel excited about the fact that someone of your gender or race is being elected, after centuries of oppression and obvious glass ceilings? YES. Is it ok to be excited that we could be electing the first woman or first black man into the presidency? something never before done and only 50 years after the civil rights movement? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. And I'm sick of people throwing out this issue as irelevant. Because it is important, and it does matter. And today, Barack Obama is confronting this issue, despite and amongst continual outcries that he is playing the "race" card, so I applaud his honesty about his personal views on this issue; and especially his courage to venture into a discussion about something that is very real in our country, but is continually swept under the rug.


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I can't believe how long it actually took him to finally address it. I watched the whole thing on CNN this morning- it was great.