Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The vacation bubble has officially popped

Its the afternoon at work, and I am just now getting my bearings. The world has decided to blast me with a shit ton of bullcrap. I really had no idea its capabilities untill I came back to work today, after a 4 day seattle and family and easter extravaganza. Being disconnected from internet, outlook calendar, work email, etc etc is extremely difficult and I should have paid attention to the fact that it took me almost all weekend to ignore the fact that I felt like an arm was missing, and to actually relax. Because despite the bubble of sleeping in and not showering untill you absolutely have to, and driving to starbucks in order to hopefully run into caitlin and get some caffeine, and watching gilmore girls in bed with my mom and so on, it would have served me better to listen to that little voice just a little. On top of the immense amount of work that is piling up, plus the coordinating for my lacrosse team's tournament hosting and playing responsibilites this weekend in Yakima, I have a giant sleeping in my bed with me and eating my "is this really food claire?" food. That giant being my 'little' sister Maria. All '13 almost 14 years' of her awkward existence; stealing my covers, texting while walking, and having butt slapping wars untill we call a truce amidst real cries of pain. I'm loving every minute of it. But I'm not gonna lie, I am more and more respectful of my mothers patience with and dedication to her than ever before. So despite all this craziness and piles screaming "take care of me" in bright post it notes (none of that pastel shit, puhleas!) I am more than glad to be spending time with my sister (and by spsending time we of course mean shopping, eating, and blazer games), happy to have hibernated a bit in my mothers house, and completley more aware of the catch 22-ness of the vacation bubble.

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