Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life Changing Wardrobe Addition

Ali warned me that the purchase or gift of awesome riding boots would equal some pretty drastic contentedness. Luckily, she was damn right. They are by far the best present I recived this past christmas season. My mother never fails to impress me with her style. They magically turn any oufit into pure classy atire. These boots, combined with the best 11 bucks I have ever spent, tights!

....equals a magical solution to skirts in winter, as well as blister avoidance while pairing jeans and boots. And I won't even go into the marvels of, yet embarassing to confess, control top aspect. I truly am a grown up now. Shit!


marisjager said...

which boots are they?? i know you were loving those steve madden ones, but i dont think i ever found out the final result!

fortheluvofpan said...

Damn you and your ability to wear boots...I do not actually think I will be around easter weekend. I might be driving a tram but I will double check!