Sunday, March 30, 2008

A not so wasted weekend

So you know that tournament I had been working SO HARD at planning, frantically running around trying to coorindate, all the while feeling ignored, and then magically came together pretty much the last two days? was CANCELLED. I am stil trying to shove down the livid claire ranting that bubbles up every, oh, say HOUR. But, I can say with certainty, that I made the 24 hour pointless trip with the BEST most awesome most easy going girls EVER.

(Mwahaha notice the nipping coverage by Jillian, classic)

But, instead of feeling pissed and miserable for our almost 4 hour trip both ways in the car, Jillian, Ashley, and I entertained ourselves by singing along to random old pop songs on Ashley's ipod (mainly because the alternatives were those retchid country stations that pop up when you press 'seek' on the radio). Fun and flashback inducing gems from the likes of Enrique, and Boys to Men, and Juvenile, and many many others. Plus the scenery, was kick ass, and of course I obsessively borrowed ashely's camera in order to document

The ride was also punctuated by several exclamations from the city girl (me) squeeling "look, theres a tumbleweed! omigosh a tumbleweed!". Cause hey, thats how it was for me, pretty exciting, not gonna lie. A tumbleweed thats not in a western movie, pretty rare. Oh and to add to the 'middle of nowhere I'm really glad we dont live here' feeling, was the confederate flag we saw waving high (cringe) and the gas station atendent drinking a mirror pond beer at 3 in the afternoon. Yup. Thats how it was out there. The only thing we could all agree would be fun, would be petting a cow! But we couldnt imagine that maneuvering over barbed wire fences would be a good way to cap off the trip, so we gave up on that idea quickly. And despite being cramped and having my hip pretty much pop out of its socket around the town of Lyle, Wa - we even managed to have some pretty intense conversations, as lots of people in a small space for several hours often causes. Death and religion and self esteem. Just the usual :) The best part about the whole debacle, was the most amazing excuse it gave us to go out! Dani likes to call it sha-wasted! I'll stick with a grand ole time. And thats exactly what it was. Thank you baby jesus for the leftover team gatorades!

We paid tribute to our team on the bathroom walls of the Public Leisure House, (dont worry, we are not vandalizers, chalk is provided for such excuberance!)

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Well, at least you have a memorable weekend to cover the grrr moments- I'm grrrr'ing for you.