Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sometimes you just need a little parental nagging

reasons i love my mom

mom: so guess what im doing this weekend instead of getting a real weekend?
me: something basketball related?
mom: YAH, chaperoning maria's basketball overnight camp, all the single moms get the shaft when it comes to volunteering
me: oh crap, that sucks, im sorry, you should slip some dramamine into their icecream that im sure they'll manage to get their hands on at 1 am.....do it!
mom: totally. hahaha. wait. have you gotten your bus yet? its awfully late to be out in the dark my little one
me: yes, its coming. dont worry, 930 is not that late, and yeah, dont forget about that 'dramamine in their ice cream' idea
mom: ok, i wont, and you have good shoes on so you can run if you need to?
me: yes mom
mom:goodnight claire
me: goodnight mom


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