Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You heard it here first, Edition 3

So, knowing my music obsessed self, I didn't think that my number of per day "oooh whats this song?" or "this is such a great song!" moments could get any higher, but they ARE. I know right? Ridiculous. So I'm just letting you know that you've been warned, because this next edition might be a bit overwhelming, but I'm bursting at the seams with good finds and really really have been itching to find time to put this together. It was even hard to pair it down to these 7. I hope you find it as well rounded as I tried to make it, with shout outs to old school stuff (I'm in a old school rap and beatles phase, dont ask), bubbly pop (cause god knows me need a little driving with your girls music) and of course some alternative gems (as usual). Enjoy!

1. Sometimes the best finds happen while looking up something else. From mispelled google searches, like bands on their myspace friend list, or just someone else who did a song with the same title or lyric. Youtube is fantastic for that kind of thing. So in searching for a band called American Music Club - who I ended up not liking very much, I stumbled across Sarah Pace. And she is just lovely. Reminds me of modern day americana, a little bit of dixie, with haunting vocals. My Reccomendation is to check out "Western Sky", but all her stuff is great.

2. The next is a really interesting mix of sounds that instantly makes me smile. Mainly because it's slightly boy bandish, a little bit of hiphop ala jason mraz , and a dash of maroon 5; but mainly because they are so darn cute. Yeah, they got me at "they're Irish". They're called The Script..

3. As mentioned above, I have been on a huge old school kick lately, not exactly sure what old school means in this case, but just older stuff, sometimes old as in ninties and sometimes it means the beatles. Depends on the day. But it has been pretty awesome. Recent itunes giftcard purchases = Boys II Men, Nina Simone, Tupac, that Tootsie Roll song (word!) and this unforgettable song by Freak Nasty (give me just a second to flashback to the days of Kube 93 sponsored junior high dances all sweaty and khaki wearing) and here you go. Plus this video cracks me up :)

4. Next on the playlist is a really rockin awesome new POP song, and I really mean that. But its genius. I can't get enough. Mariah has new competition. Her name is Leona Lewis. And since the Brits (including her) continue to be just a wee bit cooler than Americans, they were all over her way before us of course. I'm sure you've heard it on the radio, the song is called Bleeding Love, and since youtube won't let me borrow a video for this one, you will have to go look her up!

5. Ok. Back to my roots. Rock. R.E.M. has always been one of my favorite bands, I used to hang their CD insert sheets on my wall, especially the cover for their Automatic for the People album. I have always regretted giving up on the piano because I never learned to play "nightswimming", Le Sigh. The summer I was 11, my older sister caitlin and I even made up a dance, which turned out to be more of a lyrical acting type thing, in our empty living (we were re-painting). I don't remembe much of it, but it was to this song and involved folding my arms across my chest and laying down. I dont know, but we were really into it. But they have a new album (yay) and here is one of their new songs. It's a goodie, in true R.E.M. form.

6. Regardless of it being a christian song (kind of) which usually isnt my thing, I'm drawn to this song by Switchfoot, that I happened upon while saying hey to a friend on facebook, which was spurred by running into him on campus, and since we're both grads, and he is extremely sweet, was a pleasant part of my week so far. Anyways, this song, played acousticly here by the bands lead singer, is really sweet and calming. Enjoy. The first verse is incredible.

7. And i'll just leave you with one thought. Kanye West and Chris Martin from Coldplay. YEAH. Contain yourself. Go look it up!


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Hanley said...

it was So great to see you, i miss claire time, i really do. Will you be around Seattle this summer? I'm going to be in town from june 15 through august 30th (and I'll be 21)