Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm moving!

Ok, so it's like the third time in one year, but I'm not even annoyed about it! Which I'm really proud of myself for. I'm just plain really really excited, despite all the frantic packing/lifting/cleaning I'm doing today (thank god for free boxes, itunes shuffle, and the need to work off tater tots and a mimosa). This move feels a little more legit too, because I'm moving to a whole new neighborhood, out of No Po!? I know, I know. It's a big step slash miracle, but as much as I love north portland, it is time for a new frontier! So off I go to southeast portland, specifically a pocket of it called Ladd's Addition. It's got some pretty neat history to it, and loads of round abouts, which makes me feel very city girl with a dash of european. Plus those round abouts are full of roses! yay! I'm really looking forward to the following about the move

-Dish TV, not gonna lie, I've missed it!
-moving in with someone I know and like
-I'm close to Hawthorne and all the indie/coffeeshop/bar/biking awesomeness that will ensue
-that it's residential but also near things/city/bustling
-storage, more than just putting one suitcase into a closet in a smoker roomates attic room
-a substantial closet (yippee!)
-cheaper rent
-not being harassed by creapy losers on lombard

And since technically I'm not even there yet, (moving tomorrow with the help of some awesome and extremely generous friends of mine, thank you jillian thank you jess!), I can't wait to discover all the more reasons why I love it :)

Visitors welcome :)

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Hanley said...

moving is, not going to lie, one of my favorite things ever. . . especially switching neighborhoods. i love finding new favorite places and having new haunts. i'm excited for you. you'll have to tell me how it goes (went).