Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Memory Game

As we all know.... I have a terrible memory. Whether its the conversation we just had, where we decided we're going to dinner on friday, a highschool fight that I never thought I would forget, or almost all of Grapes of Wrath even thought I've read it twice, I probably don't remember it now. If someone gets me going by giving me a hint or explains it to me, I'll find it somewhere in my mind and remember the whole thing, although ther are times where I still can't find it. But, in stark contrast to that annoying trait of mine, I have an amazing and uncanny memory for social stuff. Like who's dating who at UP, or who dated who freshmen year of highschool, or who lived in what dorm and is part of what social group, etc etc. It's kind of really fucking weird. And if you're a nursing student, I probably know your full name, hometown, and what you wore the day you had your first big test in pharmacology. Not. even. kidding. So as an excercise for my mind, and also just cause it's been fun, I've been writing down memories in my journal every night. Sometimes they're from childhood, or from yesterday, or stuff that my mother reminded me of. Sometimes its painful to remember stuff, and other times I'm not sure whether some things are even worth writing down, but I usually just write it down anyway, cause I do believe that it popped into my head for a reason. And I think one day I'll really be glad I did this, maybe to show my kids or help my sister write a screenplay. We would have such a magical story to tell. Regardless, I'm going to start putting one up here every once in awhile. Maybe weekly, maybe less, maybe more. And who knows? It may even be like a blogging form of sudoku, and since I really hate that stupid game (sorry, its just how i feel :), and I since I'm not big on conforming anyways, it can be my way of staying sharp.



*********************** said...

What a great idea.
Please tell me you're planning on documenting, "I'm not that hot!"
And don't forget, we're having dinner tomorrow, haha.

Claire said...

Oh that is one of the BEST college memories EVER. its at the top of my list to write down. right now its mainly childhood stuff, since im thinking those will be the first to go ya know!?