Monday, April 28, 2008

My NOT Politically Correct and Extremely Bitchy Rant for the Month

1.Who actually EATS the freaking cheese filled chili hotdogs at AMPM? WTF! Really? Wow. And who makes pasta and then adds ranch as sauce?? Ranch noodles? What the hell. Gross. Apparently I am seeing how the other half eats. And it aint pretty. Eww their language is even rubbing off on me too. Ick.

2.What is with the freaking jonas brothers!? No one cares! Go away!

3.Wipe your kids nose already!

4.If you’re going to fulfill your stereotype, then stop whining about it!

5.Stop making out on the bus. Just STOP it. No one thinks its cute. Not even me, and im tolerant as shit (ok not right now, as obvious by this rant, but generally I am….I swear..)

6.When we ask you to phonetically spell your impossible-to-pronounce last name, don’t bitch to us, you’re fucking graduating and we’re trying to make it perfect for you, I don’t think you want us to say “spanikopita” when it’s really “spant-i-cop. OK!? OK! We’re doing you a favor. Plus, we ask everyone. We’re not singling you out. So shut your trap.

7.You "don’t like war either" republicans? Really? Really? Than STOP voting for it and then underfunding it! Jesus. Not very efficient, dontcha think? Yeah, thought so.

8.If you're going to cover yourself with cologne and fume-up our office on the random times you're actually on campus, thank you thank you thank you for making it an amazing, drool inducing, I'll meet you in the closet down the hall scent. I really needed that pick me up. And I'm really not kidding about that closet. Anytime.



Coupled Perceptions said...
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Lauren said...

oh em gee. We have this one mailman that comes everyonce in a while REEKING of old spice. It is horrible. it is like a wave of old ppl have all crowded into the office without showering and have all tried tocover it up with walgreens cologne. gaggaggag. It literarlly makes me cough and sputter. COUGH AND SPUTTER!

*********************** said...

This is the best post you've ever had- seriously. AND I saw the cute trainer at the gym tonight- hell yeah. He was teaching a class on a yoga ball. And I thought, "Huh, we should do something else on that yoga ball."