Monday, May 5, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Ok, so I was going to blab on and on about how excited I am for our 4th of July Vegas Trip Extravaganza (and by "our" of course I mean mine, Laurens, and Tricia's amazing idea over coffee in february that came into reality just a few minutes ago - after my belated last-link-of-the-officalness-of-it-all plane ticket purchase)..buutttt Lauren beat me to it. Her email completely summed up a) how cool we are b) how utterly excited we all are for adventure c) how drinking-ed out and tan we will be at the end of our trip and once again d) how fantasticly awesome we are. Because come on, It can't be over-emphasized. So, here is her email. In all its glory.

Ok vegas stuff:
So here is what I know, Fremont (where our hotel is closest to is an awesomely tacky old school vegas area where drinks are cheaper and less watered down than on the strip. Also - If we want to drink in the pool/get the most for our money we should stalk up at the liquor store on thursday when we get into town. What do people like? I call vodka tonic. Also easily transported in a water bottle down to the pool. :) And of course a bottle of southern comfort to let the goodtimes roll. And maybe some jack daniels and diet coke?and maybe some champaign because um... its always a celebration wherever lauren is? ok its only like 4 days but its also the 4th of july and I plan on being down at the pool in full bakini zone by 9am most days cuz its gonna be a skorcher and i want layyyy around and go through the SHARK TANK OF MARVELS. I also... even though it kinda makes me want to pee just to think about it .... kind of really really want to go on that crazy roller coaster on top of that one building. it might be expensive but YAY. and i dont know about you - but im having a cocktail or two on the plane ride there so bring on your PARTY FACES LADIES cuz ... its gonna be an awesomely hilarious sequenced shot induced helluvah good time. :)

me (Lauren)
ps. bring. on. the. cleavage. And tan lines

And in true Vegas fashion, in celebratory cliche-ness and our 'why the hell not' travel reputation (laurens trip to paris this summer, our recent trip to disneyland, tricia's awesome jetsetting college years), we are getting tattoos. Yeah. That's right. :)




*********************** said...

OMG. A Tattoo. I am so scared for you. Mostly because that's what I am- a paranoid worrying freeeak.
However, you all are going to have sooooo much! And I'm sure you'll be "sweating in places you never knew you could sweat." HAHA. Why is 4th of July such a great holiday? Despite our general bitching year round about so many things it stands for, HA.

Claire said...

oh ali. how i love you so :)