Friday, May 9, 2008

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A 'simply for fun' list of Going Ons in my life

Copious amounts of water - I am back on track with working out and eating well and drinking tons of Water and DAMNIT does it feel good! Yes its slightly harder to get out of bed in the morning because of the lifting I did in my living the night before with Karen's ancient dumbells probably from 1989. But hey, they were in the closet and I havent signed up for the gym yet in the new hood. And the only thing on was Survivor, and I'll take what I can get when it comes to random but productive motivation tactics, those stupid tan skinny bitches. Hmm how does one make an audition tape?

Cards - and by that I mean graduation cards, mothers day cards, "see you next year" cards, lots of them. At work. At home. I'm tired of being asked to sign them. It's kind of awkward. It makes me want to hide under a rock. I never say the right thing. Don't you already know I love you?!

Camera phone - I love it. I could take pictures all day. Of random things. Of silly establishments in southeast. Which is a combination of hipster bars, indie shops and grocery stores, and kind of run down skeezy bars. Current photographed favorites = Reel M'Inn Tavern. Ho's Automotive services. "Do It Best All Across America" hardware store. Niiiiiice. Yes, I am immature. Well aware.

Criminal Background Check - Getting fingerprinting immediately makes you nervous. Like really nervous. They even take you in a back room. And of course they use that nasty ink. But the cop was funny, and just a slight bit flirty. Not too bad for a first encounter with the PoPo. Especially in NoPo. Oh man. I crack myself up. :) Anyways, its for South Africa. And it makes that whole upcoming experience even more real.It's HAPPENING.

Cream - for my coffee. It's my one saving grace. It gets me through the day. People have no idea. I could rub it all over my body. Its that good. And a little goes a long way, which is perfect for my new "get ready for vegas" type diet/regime. And I'm not opposed to the Irish variety either. :)

Childlike Competition - specifically between politicians. Seems contrary to them spouting that they have such a long history of "getting things done". Really? How do you possible have time to get things done, with all the freaking whining?! Cause you know...if you go back on your word, that would make you a liar. And no one likes a liar. Oh wait, nevermind, apparently thats a qualifying character atribute for American politics. So...sorry I bothered you, please continue.

Crying - literally all the time. For two days. Anytime I think of anything remotely sad, or even remotely happy, its like the grand cooley damn opens up. (ps: have you seen that lightshow on that damn? its pretty freaking cool, just a heads up, cause I'm cool like that). The hallmark commercials. Talking to Kathleen the other day, not gonna lie, a little teary. Even the insipirational Kaiser Permanente ads. Jesus. Not sure whats going on with all that. And no it's not PMS. I think I'm just getting old.


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Hanley said...

you're so cute. i'm sorry i wasn't in seattle this weekend, but i'll be home for the summer soon. when are you around?