Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5 days of Hell

Status Thursday Morning: Culprit Exonerated: Apparently everyone has those bumps. Sarah showed me hers. So I'm back to square one. And she ruled out tonsils with her infinite nursing wisdom. What the hell?

Updation: the culprit has been identified. If you are skeemish, then don't continue reading. But yes, the weirdo feeling has been figured to be some interesting bumps on the base of my tongue. They don't hurt and aren't inflamed or anything, they're just there. And making it uncomfortable and a little bit hard to swallow. So to the doctor I go. Crap.

Ok, you know that feeling where you think you have a popcorn kernel piece stuck in the back of your throat? That little ‘skin’ of the popcorn kernel that just wont go down so it’ chilling back there tickling you and taking its sweet time to be swallowed down? Yeah, I have that feeling but it’s not actually a popcorn kernel, or any other discernable piece of food or gum, and I’ve had it since Friday. I am going certifiably insane. I have no idea what’s going on. I could go on and on about the many explanations I have come up with so far, only some being hypochondriac-inspired, but I wont gross you out, and I’d really rather let a doctor check it out. So that’s the plan. But until then, if you see me habitually swallowing or making weird coughing noises, please forgive me, and send me some sympathetic and knowing smiles. Fuck me.



Lauren said...

bahh hahahahahahah hahahaha hahahahahahahah!!! :)

marisjager said...

i second that bahhh hahaha!!!

Hanley said...

blech. i'm very familiar with itchy throat syndrome. good luck with your bumpies!