Sunday, April 13, 2008


This weekend has been nothing short of bizarre, very eventful, and long. So many things. So many ups an downs. And too much jumbling is going on in my mind to muster more than a list. But it will be entertaining I promise. This is what I did all weekend.

Ate some yummy manicotti (great word) with Kari Lynn McGinley and chatted about her upcoming wedding/life!

Walked for three and a half hours for the Relay for Life (cancer awareness) with sarah, her family, kari, jillian, and other friends on the UP campus as the sun set.

Shaved Sarah's head for charity. I even shaved some lightning bolts in the back, just for fun and of course they were temporary. She was honored at the mentioned event as a survivor. She is also one of the closest people to my heart. And she is beautiful.

Ran into a friend from Seattle/highschool on my way home that night, on the corner of willamette and portsmouth - talking, hugging, laughing ensued.

Woke up with a fever, feeling like a bear was sitting on my chest and head.

Worked an 8 hour shift with Kaytlynn through the haze. She is a develementally diabled girl with special medical needs that I help take care of. It was a long day, but I learned a lot and feel a lot more comfortable caring for her.

Dozed off and on all night saturday, sweating as I slept partly due to crazy summer time weather going on this weekend.

Went for a walk with an Lauren's ipod and was thoroughly intrigued and entertained by her music collection.

Compiled ideas and music for my hopefully-going-to-happen music blog. Oh its gonna rock. I'm bursting with excitement about it. :)

And the last part (today) was not that bizarre, but slightly weird because it was the first time in weeks that I had seen Ali freaking Brown in a long long time! So mainly we just spent the day being, oh ya know, just us, chatting it up, laughing, shopping, talking politics, a new seasons adventure, discussing how gross we both felt (ie sick to our stomachs, feverish, lightheaded), and watching some wonderful trashy tv. YAY. well except for the bug-getting that is apparently going on.

*And the entire crazy weekend, I kept pushing a thought aside, that next weekend I will be moving. Eeeek. Denial isnt just a river in Egypt folks.


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fortheluvofpan said...

Totally bizzarro - I was a bit um...out of it when I saw you. Hope I wasn't annoying! It was really good seeing you.