Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I know I have 'plugged' the organization that I'm going to South Africa with before, and have them linked on my sidebar, but I am asking all of you (probably like 5 readers) to go check out their website as they are going through some very rough times financially. They have many community partners, government grants, and official 'nonprofit' status, but the costs of running such an amazing program are large and overwhelming. They are a family dedicated to their work and as I get to know them more and more lately as I prepare for my trip, I am keenly aware of their needs.

Sooooo, If you have an interest in contributing, you can find their 'secure payment' link at the top left of their page (its on the main page, no tab-clicking needed).

Another option: I encourage you to check out their "wish list" (on the right side of the "support us page") which shows the things they need to run the program and take care of the babes! At the top of the page, under the title there are several green tabs, click on the "support us" tab and you will see many many orange link options such as "shop for the babies" and "contribute on a monthly basis hassle free" etc.

So, instead of this being a dry info-mercial-type plea for nonprofit donation to needy children, this is me, Claire, asking for your generousity to help an organization that I will be working with next year. Its a tangible way to be involved. Go for it!

Love and peace
-Claire Catherine


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