Monday, August 4, 2008

UPDATION: O.M.G. Its Happening

So many 'goings ons' are upon me!

1. The big change, aka move back to seattle (not menopause hehe), is coming soon!

2. I might possibly have a job starting mid-september, crossed fingers and fatty prayers this thursday evening at 5:15 are mutch appreciated.

3. South Africa is even closer than I expected. I'm going to soon start corresponding with my host families via facebook, so a huge cleanup of my site/photos needs to happen. Shit.

4. Packing must start ASAP, since a mid-september move is likely.

5. Tickets to SA will be nailed down by then as well.

6. Attempts to sell back clothes to trendy places in Portland will inevitably make me feel bad about myself, but are extremely necessary in the "get rid of a lot of your shit claire" task at hand, and will hopefully yeild mucho dinero.

7. My office days are coming to a close and I'm looking forward to the lack of beige. And getting to wear jeans.

8. A trip to Seattle this weekend means getting to see some of my favorite people for a much needed sleepover, and especially some cuddle time with the little one. All the "you truly love seattle" moments will remind that I CAN make it through a few months at home.

9. Only two more rent-checks to write, one being (hopefully) smaller.

10. The game called "try not to buy too many groceries cause you're leaving soon" has begun, although I refuse to feel crappy while eating cereal and cans of tuna, so I will be doing it right ya'll.

Any other "claire, you need to do this" reminders are much appreciated :)



Lauren said...

you need to love lauren and marvel at her genius. :)

Hanley Mead said...

claire you need to see me this weekend. that for sure should be on your to do list. :)

i'm free as a bird so whenever you want and wherever you want to go . . .

Megan said...

Jeez. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. Oooooh, wait. I haven't.

That should be fixed.