Friday, August 15, 2008

What Chess Peice Are You?

The Bishop's Innkeeper
Congrats! Only 6-9% of the population score this!

The Bishop's Innkeeper enjoys the experience of life to the fullest. They enjoy the variety of people and material comforts. They are excellent team players and focus on tasks at hand utilizing fun. They find pleasure in the new. They will involve everyone in discussion and decision making. They value the strengths of different individuals and encourage people to contribute their best. They make great storytellers and in fact this is why they have a special place for children in their hearts. They are deprived when cut off from others.

They aren't fond of written studies, but prefer learning in a 'hands on' way. Because of this they do tend to rush. Schools can be difficult at first, but if they find the relevance of a subject - they will exceed. They are sensitive to criticism and may take it personally. They will focus on the task at hand but forgo the long term costs. However, they are practical with their approach and have a lively sense of humor. If one asks them a question, one should be prepared for a drawn out explanation of their answer and how it relates to their life.

The Bishop's Innkeeper is useful because they can quickly mobilize others during times of crises. They are genuine and optimistic so it is hard not to do as they say. They are the peacemaker due to their sympathetic and tactful natures. They are the builders of the ‘can-do’ atmosphere using humor to brighten everyone’s mood. You should be pleased scoring as a 'Pawn' - it proves that you are a constructive and contributing member of society.

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