Monday, September 22, 2008

You Heard if Here First, Edition XI

As always, I am bursting with the seams about ideas and possibilities for a possibly-to-be-created-music-only blog, but alas I have too many other things going on lately (ie moving) and not to mention NO consistent internet. But that might change once I am settled into my 3.5 months in Seattle. Anyways, I have plenty of music to share, and here is some recent 'worthy of attention' finds......

1. I'll start off with a confession....some of my music...I find on Perez Hilton :) Yessss I knooowwww it's terrible trashy celebrtiy news website, but sometimes, it has really good suggestions. So whatever. So this find, a PH-er, is awesome light airy euro-pop sounding magic. It's called Bruises and its by Chairlift. It's another of those "oh I heard that on a mac commercial" cult hits.... But the sentiment of doing some really hard gymnastic trick (that would always result in a strained groin for me, pas the flexible age of 10) for someone else... is pretty cute.

2. Rachel Yamagata, who I discovered back when I was ob-SESS-ed with the Last Kiss soundtrack, has a new album and a lovely new song. She's definitely a little bit Ani, a little bit Garbage (the band!), and eerily similar to Tori Amos. It's called Sidedish Friend (aka my worst nightmare of any sort of relationship, blech). Go check out the song on her myspace page. And to see a really kick-ass live performance of her song that you might actually recognize.."be your love"....then check out her performance of it at Austin City Limits music festival.

3. Ok, this song has been ev-er-y-where lately and I don't know where I heard it first or maybe its an old song that I'm just now catching on to, but its SO catchy and COOL. For reals. Like really intelligent psychadelic alternative coldplay-esque rock. You have to GET UP AND DANCE to this one. But just a note: be patient, cause the first few seconds sounds like I accidently chose a recording of the bat exhibit at the zoo.

4. So, apparent by long standing appreciation for white boys with deep bluesy voices, ahem Jonny Lang ahem, I give you Marc Broussard. He keeps it light with "Love and Happiness", but you still can't help but wonder.... why is he so saaaaad? But, I guess thats why its called Blues. And he tours with my girl Sara Bareilles, so majah points.

5. Folk Rock. Folk Rock. Folk Rock. Say that three times fast. Well actually, it's not that hard, but it sounds good. To me at least. I love Folk Rock. A looot. That's the universal plight of daughters of hippie musicians. The Weakerthans, discovered through a friend who raves about them (and I do mean RAVE), they have been added as a pandora radio station at work. His voice sounds a little like the postal service, but not to so similar in overall sound. Forgive me for this random video, but all of the versions were live and I don't want you distracted by their ridiculous beards :) Also, shoutout to my mommy - they're from "the Peg" Canada, wherever that is.....

6. Ok. This next one is super dee duper random, and since I don't have enough ideas right now to fill up a 'covers only' version of "YHIHF" (oooh acronyms!) then I'm using it here. You know that weird but kind of good song by Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent called "Ayo technology"? It was basically about wanting the real thing, and not using porn? I don't know, maybe? Anyways, a Belgian pop singer called Mirow did an acoustic cover, and its kinda really really good, while at the same time...and it makes me laugh to...can you imagine 50 cent doing this version? Mwahaha.

7. REM's I've Been High. I never ever get sick of his voice. And I really think that bands like Coldplay and Radiohead should be very grateful for REM having 'paved the way'. Ok, off my soapbox. Just enjoy the song.

8. Long awaited, especially by my old sisters car stereo (it's had nothing to blast for such a long time!), new KILLERS album. Coming in November, and from the sounds of their new song, it's going to be greeeaatt!

8. Ok, so I've had this catchy chorus stuck in my head ever since... Oh I don't know, ever since my fabulous friend Kyle Burch grinded all over the dance floor at Club Escape to the techno remix version of it, back in the day! Touch it- bring it - babe - watch it -turn it - leave it - stop - format it! It's called Touch It by Busta Rhymes and it's caRAzy catchy and now (after googling) I know the right lyrics. I think I've been saying "stop-o-matic" for a while now :) And check out the adorable dance-routine by the cheerleaders at the beginning, that's just freaking adorable.


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