Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's like a hair coming out my chin, weird and annoying but also really interesting.

10 Things I did today that I don't normally do.....

1. Eat a generous helping of Scalloped Potatoes. Oh my good God in heaven. I will never feel that way about any particular food, as I did today in the dining room, as long as I live. Their incredible cheesyness and artery-clogging-cream power made me ignore all other healthy food options, and I had another spoonful for dessert. Hazzah.

2. Wake up (two days running) from bad dreams continually throughout the night. Shoot me.

3. Take ibeuprofen for a headache. I never get headaches. Ok, not never, but maybe two a year. So, this is most alarming. Plus it's also been going for two days.

4. Get a Venti Iced Coffee from the bucks of the Star. I don't like their coffee. But when you leave your house at 6:30 am (after the crappy sleep I got) and nothing else is open, they are like the golden calf. Impossible not to worship.

5. Stumble over my words in front of a boy. Ok. This is not as rare. I'm silly like that. But to be flustered, while on the job, is a little unerving. And he's younger than me. And even less well spoken than I..... Le sigh.

6. Eat lunch next to my sociology advisor from undergrad.

7.Yell "I don't want to LOG IN!!" at my computer with the most whiny voice possible. My computer, probably because it will miss me after I'm gone, has decided to sloowwwly die a sad and terrible death. I, on the other hand, am ready to move on from its 'bastard-child-of-a-computer' lot in offfice land. Buh-bye!

8.Google 'yankauer suction tips' images.

9. Hummmmm out lout without realizing that I am. Yeah. For a while too, before anyone said anything, apparently. Come on people! next time, don't let me go down like that. But at least it was this song.

10. Remembering that 7 years ago today..... the 'omigod, my father is in his underwear' moment, as we stood in front of the TV and realized that our world was about to change. A minute later the second plane hit the other tower. I will never forget his face.


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AB said...

Despite all the times I laughed in this post and said aw at the end, the most memorable reaction I had was thinking, "how is stumbling in front of a boy something she doesn't normally do?" I know you too well.