Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Newly discovered crazy gene: specific to tall women

Maria (sister): there was this girl, in pottery class, she had everything in this giant pill bag! Like oxycontin, that addict stuff, and heartburn, and organic calcium, oh please! and that pink stuff, whats that called!? ooooh that song, heartburn indigestion, diarhea, upset stomach.....

Me: Peptobismal, maria, its peptobismal

Maria: oh YEAH. a giant bottle of that. Who has all that stuff!? in POTTERY?

Me: I don't know.

Maria: I'm going to go youtube that song and send you the link!

Me: awesome, I appreciate that.

Me: Hey Caitlin? you there?
Caitlin (older sister) : yeah, sorry, I took my sleeping pill, I'm getting tired
Me: oh ok, yeah I can let you go then
Caitlin: yeah, my clothes are talking to me....
Me: your WHAT? Well, what are they saying?
Caitlin: oh just drowsy things...
Me: oh ok then. well goodnight.
Caitlin: goodnight.


Lauren said...

sweet. jesus.

*********************** said...

To go along with Lauren- Holy hell.

Lauren said...

hahaha who is *****???

Lauren said...

oh hi ali

marisjager said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha i love your family