Monday, December 3, 2007

Vote or Die

Ive been so inspired by the outpouring of voting in Venezuela, that resulted in a 51 to 49 refusal of some pretty major proposed constitutional changes in Venezuela (which were not very democratic just fyi), that I just wanted to put this out there. Some info on the presidential candidates so far. Polling results as follows:


Giuliani 25 (-3 vs. 11/11-14 poll)
Huckabee 16 (+6)
Thompson 15 (-4)
McCain 15 (+2)
Romney 12 (nc)
Paul 4 (-1)

Giuliani holds a 13-point lead in the RCP Average.

Clinton 39 (-9 vs. 11/11-14 poll)
Obama 24 (+3)
Edwards 15 (+3)
Richardson 4 (+3)

Clinton's lead in the RCP Average is 18.3 points.

So get online or listen to the radio. Get your thoughts together, go to their websites, search your souls, your tax forms, whatever drives you and VOTE. Our efforts could bring about something similar to the Venezuelans. Oh, wait, did I just compare the Bush to a dictator. Oh, no she didn't! Yes, actually OH yes I did.

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AB said...

Damn straight you did!