Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Favorite Band: Bishop Allen

After a short lived obsession with a few select amazing songs (among others) on a mix CD, another short lived situation ended with the someone that courted me with said CD :) So, I put those songs away, despite their glowing distinction. I have reclaimed that mix. It. Is. Amazing. And very few are flashback inducing.

Here are a few of the artists, and their songs. I guess you could sort of say they fall into the 'alternative' category, but what exactly do those labels mean? No one really knows. I just like the songs. Enjoy.

Bishop Allen - Flight 180 and Click Click Click..... hint: make sure to listen to entire song, they're like crescendos, they get more amazing as they go along. Plus the click click video is pretty sweet and youtube artsy :)

Band of Horses - The Funeral - pretty kick ass and breathtaking

Menomena - (holla! portland band) - Wet and Rusting - a little weird, give it a chance, also worth a full listen

Arcade Fire - Wake Up, AntiChrist Television Blues, and RebellionLies. They are grreeeattt.

*and in a whole other category there's Talib Kweli, another inspiration right now, mainly his older stuff. See Black Star with Mos Def.

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