Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Spirit

I am thankful for:

Spirit. It's definiton is, to me, the most vague notion created by humans, yet uniquely unversal. Literally, it comes fromm the latin word meaning 'breath', but it's used in a wide variety of settings, from religious to 'energy' healers to the absolute spirit of our planet and its species. And this weekend was a compilation of these, happily and without tension. The unique family like spirit that can be created by a group of people who are in the health care field. Despite its corruption, the field is filled with people who really do care about helping people. And educating the future of their passion is even more inspiring. And entertaining to boot! Not only will they beat the coveted white elephant gift out of your hands, they throw a mean potluck, and are not afraid to tamely haze their newcomers at the department christmas party (aka me). Thank you baby jesus I have a half way decent voice.

My friends. Unique in the energy they bring to my life, they never cease to entertain and motivate me. Even if it is simple motivating me to find the BEST pair of shoes (specifically Michael Antonio weathered gold pumps) at Buffalo Exchange for my money, which was actually theirs, seeing as they were dumb enough to buy some of my old clothes from me (score!).

Jesse Malin. Check-out-able for reals.

Vintage/Retro/Consignment Store heaven. Imaging my mother wearing the same coat I am trying on, and the inevitable class that we did and do exude, is even more reason to be thankful for that intangible yet luckily and clearly inherited gene: KICK ASS CLASS. thank you mommy.

Stumptown coffee. Enough said.

Long 'walk and talks' with Ali Brown, with our conversation falling upon everyone within a one block radious because of our giant mouths and volume levels. But let's be real, you're jealous and you know it.

There is much more I could divulge in this sappy nostalgic way, but I won't bore you. Enjoy the morsels. As I did at the potluck last night. Egad. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes! Complete appreciation for the waist hiding marvelousness of the jersey slinky top/dress revolution.

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*********************** said...

I STILL cannot believe I tried on a USED coat- eeeeeeeeeeeewwwww! That was way out of the comfort zone. Yay for your Buff. Exchange luck!