Monday, December 10, 2007

this THING keeps happening

I know. Practically 3 posts in one day. But its just spewing out. I'm rivaling Lauren on the Word Vomit score card.

Ok, so it's going to sound silly and a little bit twilight zony, (or that other show, quoted on GG, according to Luke its underrated, I digress) but I have this THING. This weird THING that happens. And it happens ALOT. Where something, anything really... songs, references, historical people, real people, dreams......etc will just POP into my life TWICE within a short period of time. Sometimes in the same day, or within a couple days. And never just repopping up in my brain. From somewhere ELSE. I will hear an obscure song twice in one day, on different stations or shows or commercials. Or someone will bring up this random holiday memory, and then I'll come across the pictures of it two days later. Or I will hear about some person, usually not anyone notable that I would think of myself, but someone, and then later that day I'll SEE them. Like the other day, after enjoying some James Taylor xmas music at the party on sunday, I youtubed some of his stuff, and found a duet with the Dixie Chicks of his song Sweet Baby James, (amazing by the way check it out) and THEN, just now, I come across that exact song on my friends myspace page (who never changes their song!). JUST LIKE THAT. No rhyme or reason, (well not in reference to the song or James, kudos to his rhyming and rhythm ability), but of this THING that happens to me. It's consistent. And freaky. But I think freaky in a cool way, like in Grease when all of sudden there are angels and a old man flirting with a pink haired Frenchie and you're thinking....freaky....but kind of catchy and fun! Anyways. This THING is a pattern. And I kind of like it. Especially because I believe in weird magical stuff like that, but also because it suprises me, and I really really like suprises. Especially consistent ones. I'm hoping these two-for-ones of mysterious references keep happening, and that the topics get better. Like breaking out in Grease songs for example, twice in one week, wouldnt that be awesome.


Lauren said...

you're just a touch crazy and that's why we get along so well. I GET that, yo.

*********************** said...

Okay, of all the links we send back and forth why did you not send me the link to the James/Dixie song??!! You know James and the Chicks are two of my FAVS!!

Claire said...

It happened AGAIN. Last night, I put my itunes on shuffle, and the last song I heard was "have a little faith in me", covered by Mandy Mooore. And I walk into safeway this morning and what is playing in the store.....THAT SAME SONG! SEE!?