Monday, December 17, 2007

You can kiss my clover

While baking, HA yes I said baking, Corn muffins from a mix people! (for office xmas presents - oh the wonders of GREAT wrapping), I popped in St. James Gate. A local Irish folk band that has accompanied many many nights of revelry throughout college at Kel's downtown and whose CD Alex had snatched one night. And during my imitations of Kari's irish jigs and following the kindergarten directions on the box, a song came on that I was immediately fond of, but did not recognize. As I listened further, I realized why I must have paused at its tune. It's a lovely lovely folk song about the experience of Imigration by the Irish people, and its titled "Long way from Clare to Here". As most folk songs out there, its origins are not particularly clear but apparently it has been performed by many artists, namely Ralph McTell. SO my evening has managed to feel quite precious, despite the fact that the song was so obviously not written for me. I'm going to let it remind me of the musical memories in my life. St. James Gate makes me wish for a Kel's night. My "snakebite with Hef please". Drunk dancing. Table slapping during Whiskey in the Jar. Flirting with old men. "Go request Feilds of you do it, ok fine I'll be right back!" And perhaps a Voodoo Donuts Run at 1:30. Heaven. A million times over.

I would put a youtube video of the song, but none are performed with the clear sweet sound of St. James Gate.

ps: I ate my oatmeal (yes I had it for dinner, I love it ok!) with a fork. Without realizing.

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*********************** said...

HAHA. I love the part about the oatmeal. That is so you to not realize you were eating oatmeal with a fork, or as Ariel would call it- Dinglehopper.