Sunday, December 2, 2007

Materialism and Me

This weekend was full and a little chaotic. Sometimes in a good way, and sometimes not. But overall, it added some much needed cheesy holiday cheer (complete with peppermint schnapps and fuzzy slipper time with Sarah), as well as some retail therapy that I was able to justify because of the Holidays. And you can never underestimate the power of filling your fridge with a plethora of leftovers from all the "I've been wanting to try this place" eateries around this sopping wet city. I'm going to be the Queen Bee of the lunchroom at work this week, no doubt about it. Take that you nutri-system eating jealous wannabes!

As always, Ali Brown and I planned an all day extravaganza (which is by by far my new favorite word!) that included, as usual, some true blue stumptown coffee, shopping, food, mix cds, political discussions, and a good cry thanks to a Liberal documentary. And in order to fully understand the day, I will just leave you with the following breif glances into the two person streaming ridiculous but 'awe inspiring to some' commentary that goes on between Ali Brown and myself....

First it was to Lloyd for some "We got this on sale at old navy and gap but it doesnt look like we did" winter apparel

Me: are you sure about this...... its very 70's....
Ali: absolutely, you look like carly simon or carole king
Me: the closest I'm ever going to get to living in that decade, I'll take it!

Ali: It's like Claire in bag form :)

After scoring some major loot at an adorable tshirt design store, manned by equaly adorable boys, there was an immediate necessary conversation to be had once we had hooded ourselves to deal with the feisty rain and wind outside the shop

Me: Omigosh it smelled like BOY in there, and not in a good way, in a "I dont wear anti-perspirant" boy way......
Ali: like in my 7th grade classroom this week, stop spraying that stupid bath and body works country apple spray and put some damn deodorant on your damn pits!

and the best comment (admittedly for selfish reasons) of the day was in the Gap dressing room

Me: are you sure about this....
Ali: um YEAH, look at your arm, THAT'S skinny

And after the most MSG filled dinner of my entire Portland life (all hail the glory of the newly-discovered Safeway chinese food) I found the best fortune.

"You lead a useful life no matter what riches are coming to you"

Well said Mr. Fortune Cookie. Well said.

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AB said...

Well said, Claire Jesse, well said.