Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain, and Bagels, and Nordstroms Oh My!

So I am officially home in seattle and have neglected my blog for no good reason. I chalk it up to needing some adjustment time. There were the typical first few days where everything is new and it felt like I was just in town for the weekend. Where staying up late to watch political tv with my mom and ignoring the giant mess of an unpacked room had no real consequences. But the reality set in, I forced myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour and attacked the immense task of fully unpacking. Although I have to point out that my ability to make cute outfits (for work and play) out of just a few items on rotation....is a high class skill that I am eternally proud of, especially during limbo times like those were. So, its been a week of real life so far, with work and play and lots of sister bickering and making up. And I am happy to say that (gasp) living with my mother will be bearable. Yes! I said it. I just need to do my part. And spending many afternoons at Victrola or Mio Posto posting blogs (like today) will also help to maintain my sanity.

And since I'm full of new stimuli, new boys, new music, new annoyances, and new accidents here in my new environment, I will indulge in one of my favorite things....A List!

1. Cutting your finger with a giant serrated edge knife is only topped by cutting it that way while making LEMONADE. Yeah. And I have recently done the later, and it sucks. To say the least. It's still bandaged (aka not healing very well) and makes it really hard to do anything, and of course by that I mean all the important things like type and shampoo my hair and eat.

2. The tall women of my family do NOT ever take the basement stairs one step at a time, we gallop two steps at a time and it makes all look like we're eleven years old again. I love it.

3. Shopping with my grandmother is like walking on coals, it is usually really exhilarating and eventually successful but the process can also hurt like a bitch. Luckily, the most recent trip to the Nordstrom opening at Tacoma Mall was more exhilarating and successful than anything else. And for that I am grateful. Another reason I’m grateful….these boots.

4. BAGELS. Enough said. Preferably with hummus and veggies.

5. Maria's cute little butt is one of the perkiest things I've ever seeeeen, and its soooo much fun to slap unanounced. Not to mention that her team of freshmen girls are playing and continually BEATING seattle area varsity teams in her fall league! VARSITY teams people! I am so proud.

6. I have gone from working in an office of women to a deli of all men. It is interesting. And you know what? It's really FUN. Although I do miss the boy talk friendly environment that the SON provided (and it is a little daunting going into an already solidified dynamic of banter that often focuses on led zeppelin), I think I am holding my own. And as my coworkers claim, it helps to have a girl around…the tips are up :) And as it seems to be wherever I work, the jovial gossip mill is alive and well (and you know how much I LOVE that).

7. Closing shifts allow a few lazy mornings a week and of course that means a long walk, coffee, and being able to watch the girls on The View eat Elizabeth Hasselbeck alive when it comes to the probable inauguration of Obama as president. What a wonderful way to start my day!

8. The inside of my church was remodeled, the floor and the pews of this gothic yet classic style Catholic church were in dire need of attention and even though its nice and new.... I just don't like it. Especially the altar. It's terrible. And to top it all off....they took out my (to the left of the altar) section of pews to put in 'movable' chairs. Duummmbb.

9. I. AM. SO. GLAD. TO. BE. HOME. But, I miss Portland. And I am afraid that my dreams of late (about that longing) are taking their toll on my true feelings of restedness.


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Hanley Mead said...

I'm so sad you don't like the new parish. I haven't seen it yet - i think the hard part will be getting used to it. i knew the old church soooooo well. oh well.

i've been neglecting my blog too. i have SO much to tell but i'm busy living it too and i don't have internet so when i have down time it never coincides with internet time. I am keeping a journal though so hopefully i'll be able to post something soon.

miss you.