Thursday, October 23, 2008

Teaching Mother

Mom: so I'm going to this dance class, which one should I take? salsa, swing, or tango?

Me: Oh definitely salsa, back on the right, forward on your left, easy. But watch out for the gays.

Mom: I would love to dance with a gay man!

Me: But that's not why you're taking these classes mom, let's be real.

Mom: Good point, and where the hell am I going to put my purse, who will watch it?

Me (and Caitlin): that's what you bra is for mother, just stick in an ID and some cash and you're good to go.

Mom: oh, gosh wow, uhh, hmmm... I guess I would just feel like a hooker or something...

Me: but you'd be a hooker that got paid!

Mom: oh I have taught you well.


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Megan said...

That's all I have. Anne and I will try and work on a trip to see you and Sarah soon.