Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween 08

Ok, so although I have a few friends that are somewhat anti-haloween (for various totally understandable reasons), I tend to enjoy Halloween and this year was especially looking forward to being a totally hot flapper girl at a coworker halloween party. I was planning on fun costumes, fun people, some alcohol, and most importantly the absence of the uber judgemental college take on this party which usually entailed sluts and pimps. So, since that plan has since vaporized along with my twenty dollars that I spent on some fucking hot lace gloves, I am going to do what I should be doing that night (considering I work at 630 am), which is hand out candy and go to bed early. Hopefully I won't run into any of these people on my way to work in the dark the next morning.



Hanley Mead said...

:( why did your plans evaporate??

for my part i a) don't have a costume and b) don't have a house in which to celebrate. I will be bar hopping; but i'm pretty sure a spanish bar isn't going to match the real thing.

c'est la vie.

Lauren said...

im so irritated for you. like super irritated. you should not plan a party if you have a major personal thing that might ruin a handful of ppls plans. especially so close to the day! it's just really inconsiderate. BOO. In other news: i unblocked my blog for a little bit so that when ppl click on the link they can actually go to my post. hahaha.