Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Almost Over

On the eve of the most important political day of my adult life (because really, the bush years are actively being purged from everyone's memory and I did not find his election in any way important at the age I was when it happened), I thought it would be a good time for an update blog, as well as an explanation for my lack of blogging. I thought to myself, "oh you'll be online a ton when you're home cause theres actually internet at the house, unlike your house in portland". I was totally wrong in thinking that because, as I've recently found out, my mother has a control freak monopoly on the computer in the evenings that results in lots of bitching and moaning in the "I have to support this family" theme. So I tend to nod and agree yet secretly know that its because she doesn't understand computers and so her e-charting for her work takes twice as long. Sorry to break it to you mom, but you're computer illiterate. It's easier when you accept it. Anyyyyways, that whole situation plus the fact that I am a giant ball of stress the past week (that gets me thinking about jumping into a hole and drinking orange soda and nerds, god i love leftover halloween crap!), makes me not too keen or able to spend a lot of time online. Various family issues, that I would rather not divulge on here, make for a whole heck of a lot of emotional purging/cleansing/thinkig/crying episodes and I just can't be clever after those. Regardles, I have many 'from the world of food service' blogs stored away in my head and I am having music withdrawal because of the limited music at work, so a GIANT edition of "you heard it here first" is in the works. And speaking of 'on the edge of your seat' :) (and to bring it back full circle to the election) I am working the polls tomorrow at Ballard Community Center, so if you're in the area (even if its not your polling site) come on down and visit!

PS: Here's a teaser of the music blog, and my favorite song of the moment that will make you jiggle in your seat! It's from the recent Michael Cera movie Soundtrack and it's called Lover, by Devendra Banhart.


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