Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Heard it Here First, Edition XII

I just did a little dance around in my pjs because I have the house to myself. Well really, I've had the house to myself since wednesday, and crucial to this euphoria is that I finally have internet, found a way to reach the chord to the couch and am having a glass of wine while blogging and watching the third season of Weeds. Mmmmm Yeah. This used to be a common occurance, when my mother actually had wireless and throughout my many many evenings at Palio coffee in SE Portland. But since I've been home there isn't much time or room for this kind of relaxation. The kind only several nonproductive hours on the internet can bring. So, with all of this time, comes many many googled searches of a song that came up on my ipod that I forgot I loved, songs that my bosses Ipod played while making dough (a mormon with suprisingly good music taste), or songs I've just generally been meaning to look up. Here comes another Music Blog full of totally righteous stuff. Listen up!

1. So my first venture in this edition, was to look into the band "Guided by Voices" because someone had the audacity to claim it was the best band to have ever existed. So in order to see what exactly they meant by that, I looked into their history and music and blah blah and basically found that they were so many things throughout the years, with different people, names, sounds, etc. So.... I gave up. Cause I'm lazy like that. And just not that interested in their music, although I'll leave that up to subjective review, because apparently they are considered very influential. So instead, I found a song with the same name as one of theirs, called "I am a Scientist" except its by The Dandy Warhols and its weird, but good weird. And The Dandy Warhols are one of those bands that I see on the telephone pole posters of Southeast Portland and I immediately think "you know, I'm just not cool enough for that". Whether I'm right or wrong, here's the song.

2. I've featured Rachael Yamagata here before, and I really really like her. Like girl crush. And so it's rather fitting that I found this one while catching up on the 5th season of the L Word with Sarah the other day. She's got a wraspy like voice, with awesome guitar skills, one of those albums that I might actually go and buy (but would rather have on vinyl). Lovely stuff. Her latest is "Elephants" but some of my other favorites are "the other side", "worn me down", and "I wish you love".

3. This is an old favorite that I've rediscovered. The album that features this song is the only CD that both Jesus the cook at Ole Ole and I could agree upon, so it was a frequent listen back in the day. And it's by Third Eye Blind. And if that doesn't bring you back to 6th grade, I don't know what will. Did I mention how sexy this song is? In a weird 90s rock kind of way, I find it incredibly romantic. It's called "I Want You" (forgive me for the terrible youtube, but it was the only nonlive coverage that wasn't someone's creepy home video montage).

4. Semi Precious Weapons is the band (and yes they do channel Shiny Toy Guns as wuold be expected by their name) and the song is called Magnetic Baby. It's glam rock the max and it fucking Rocks! A bunch of dudes in New York that are not afraid to get dressed up, wear tons of makeup, and look feirce? My kind of boys! And you know what? It's true......It's not my fault I look better in a party dress! :)

5. Speaking of slightly dj-inspired psychadellic glam rock, Shiny Toy Guns have a new album. And since they are such a hodge podeg of voices and sounds, there's really something for everyone. And we've been listening to it a ton at work. It makes me feel as if I'm right back in the Farmhouse, its senior year, and we're planning a fabulous party (complete with songs like this) that will most likely produce some ridiculous quotes, that will need to be put up on our quote door. I dont know. Just maybe. :) One of their new songs, called "I owe you a love song" (featured below), is probably my favorite, but I also reccomend "Ricochet" and "You are the One". It's very Kink Fm from portland mixed with madonna mixed with lady gaga, cough Ali cough.

6. Great voice alert! Haunting voice alert! Her name is Sonya Kitchell and is positively lovely. Her album "This Storm" actually comes out recently, and she channels (although through her own unique style) June Carter, Brandi Carlisle, and Norah Jones. Her song "Here to There" is on the radio right now (and featured below), but her other one titled "Running" is stunning (and now has a radio station on my Pandora account) she's just the right amount of soul-time that I often need at about 10:34 when I can't fall asleep.

7. And for a little throw back to the 80s, which is always a great thing to do when looking for covers or songs you wished you could remember to download, here's a classic song by Crowded House called "Don't Dream its Over". It reminds me of everything Lloyd Dobbler, and it's got the perfect touch of corny, kind of like how you feel when you hear a Phil Collins song on the radio and secretly love it :)

I could go ON. On and on. Seriously I have a gigantic list, but I will get this out there for all of my 3 readers to look up and obsess over. But don't you worry your collective cute little tushes, I will have more up tomorrow or monday.


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