Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food Service: The Dish

My Notes so far in the world of Food Service/Customer Service......

1. Clean up after yourself. It continues to blow my mind how incredibly messy people can be. I'm not asking you to do it all, because I understand the idea that I am serving you, but please bus your dishes and try not to let your smear cream cheese and russian dressing over 98.2 percent of the table. Thanks.

2. Have your uber complicated orders ready before you try to relay them to me. I don't mind that you want a veggie sandwhich with extra mayo with an egg on top. I may think its weird but I'm totally willing to do it for you, but don't take 5minutes to explain something that could have taken 9 seconds.

3. Mind the freaking Qeue. Thanks.

4. When it looks like I'm doing something (which actually means I'm doing three things), it's because I AM doing something, so wait your turn, wait in line, and then feel free to ask the person who is actually standing at the register waiting to help you. It's that simple.

5. Food is expensive. Don't try to have a conversation about how expensive our prices are. You are here, you have seen the menu, and are choosing to order something, plus it's paying me, so don't try to get me on your side. 8 dollars is a mother fucking great price for a bagel sandwhich, chips, and a drink/coffee. Plus, have you not SEEN the cost of food right now!?

6. After working in food service, you learn to quickly yet awkwardly close doors, microwaves, shelves, and hold a knife wearing exam gloves.... all at the same time. So when it looks like I just used me elbow and my hip to do something, don't give me a look. It's called multi tasking and it's speeding up your food.

7. Unfortunately the industry tends to attract short term people, because it's not like they offer health care or competitive wages, so despite some lovely hardworking people that I call my coworkers, I also work with a few dimwits. Slow, unloyal, late, excuses excuses, always hungover college students. And I get that you have better things to do, because really, I know the feeling, but please at least act like you care. This is not subway or walmart, you're actually working directly with and for your super sweet and fair boss (and his family). And he happens to be sick right now. So instead of that meaning you don't have an authority figure around to impress, it should mean that you are busting your ass to keep the ship going. Thanks.

8. I have gotten really really used to wearing an apron, and wiping my hands constantly on it (anything, cream cheese, egg, split pea soup, clorox water), that I will go home and be making food/dinner/coffee and will end up with egg whites, peanutbutter and coffee grounds on my jeans. And then I slap myself in the face because I feel so stupid. It happens almost every single day.

9. Do what I say and not what I do, wear good shoes. Its crucial.


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Maris said...

i am giving you a mental $100 tip