Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Marathon ReCap

So I'm just BURSTING with energy since....well since a hilarious phone call with lauren and basically since work, because really, those boys really cheer me up. Especially when one comes back from lunch having shaved off his beard and making himself look like a 15 year old boy. The entertainment is endless. But I digress. So, I have been absent from this blog in a substantial way due to my incessant working and my preperations for Africa. AFRICA PEOPLE. I'm freaking out. Anyways, my visa application is on its way, despite another minor complication, and I leave in 8 days and a wake up. Or so they say. So, here are a few highlights from my christmas and new year festivities. Get ready, get some tea and a blanket and a comfy chair, it's a long one.

Christmas Storm 2008, totally shockingly beautiful and eventually annoying

My walk to work....

Snow days for the punkin...

Fancy Wine, watching steve jager fall on his butt, and the most amazing faces ever = priceless

Christmas with the Family, We are ridiculous.

And by that of course I mean patheticly bad singers. But the singing, which is forced down our already full post-dinner throats, is a little bit more endurable than the previous tradition of making the youngest scared-shitless grandchild read the nativity story outloud to 24 really tall relatives. We've moved on from that one. So there was lots of bad singing, a considerable amount of oohing and awwing over the choice to upgrade to the larger "Whitman's Sampler" of candy for the annual pass around, and awesome gifts and gadgets that we couldn't stop terrorizing eachother with throughout the day. A video camera is either the coolest thing or the worst thing. I love being behind it.

My coolest cousin with his ipod-speaker-chair

My goofy/awesome great uncle amongst the chaos

Christmas with the Ladies, We are marvelous.

We had a classy afternoon of High Tea at the Sorrento Hotel and did our annual christmas present swapping. I got some lovely things for my trip, we eventually helped Lauren find the handbag of her dreams, pushed Kathleen into the world of sweater dresses (with a belt!), and continued to enable Maris' obsession with domestification. It ended with drinks, duh.

Christmas with the Taylors 2008, We love cabin adventures

For the second year running, the Taylors and the Jesses rent a cabin near Plain, Washington. But we aint not plain folk. We have a grand ole time, usually eat too much, tease eachother, borrow eachother's socks, snowboard down the driveway, and relax. Here are some photo highlights. (If I had the time I would upload the videos of the "sit on your but and slide the hill on the snowboard" competition but this is too much of a marathon post to begin with).

Dinner in Leavenworth

The crazy bunch


My Africa travel partner/mentor and the crazy lake of ice that everyone obsessed over

New Years Eve 2009 - The White Girls

So Lauren and I ventured to a tried and true classy joint called "The Chapel" on capitol hill and long story short, we were the only white people there. It was very interesting. It was a Bollywood themed party, hosted by "I heard shiva" the Indian mafia of Seattle. We ended up having loads of fun and drinking lots of yummy drinks. But I'm pretty sure we had just as much fun in our kick ass UPGRADE of a hotel room. Here are some highlights.


my amazing bed, I did not want to leave

OUTFIT, let's be real....

this says it all

Portland Ladies Reunion - Housemates

My lovely roomates from college, minus a few, reunited for some fun here in Sea-town over the new years, as a quasi goodbye to me (shhhh I don't want to talk about it) and just cause they couldn't handle not having our bums around anymore to slap. We had a sleepover, ate too much chocolate, discussed BMs, and shopped.

Anne and Me

Silly Picture

Actual Quote : "we havent had a boob comparison party in a long time guys!"

*Check back tomorrow for a new music blog, some awesomely inappropriate yet wise comments from my baby sister, and the reveal of my new blog for South Africa.


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