Thursday, January 15, 2009


My anxiety and procrastination has finally given way to EXCITEMENT and a furry of activity. After a few errands (man I could spend all day in REI) this morning and a final farewell to my peeps at the bagel deli (sigh), I am now back at my moms house running around doing laundry and packing. Big picture concept tasks like "take or don't take" and "clean or not clean" are allowing me to progress throughout the process without completely imploding with overwhelmingness. Because really, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. As long as I have what I need (which I already have) and it gets there, I'll be good. And my deadline is 6 pm. That way I can spend the evening out to dinner with my mom and sisters and cuddling up with maria to watch Grey's. My final tv show!? I dont know. But everything feels like "the last time you'll ever do this!"...even though I'm trying not to be dramatic. Anyways. I'm beginning to babble. So I will close by saying that I have felt so very loved these past few days as last minute 'goodluck and we love you' wishes have come in from friends. To each one of you who took the time to touch base, I loved each minute of our freaking out or crying or utter shocked silence. All of your love has made this all the more real for me and I truly appreciate it. That said, don't miss me too much :) I will be back in 7 months. And during that time you can find me HERE at my new blog called Claire in South Africa. Happy stalking.


Claire Catherine


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