Sunday, November 11, 2007

At Ease

After going through the typical post college withdrawal, I am thankfully at a point where I feel at ease with the change. I always thought, especially throughout these past few months of transition, that I would always feel this lack, untill I started another phase of my life. That I was waiting for something to start, or something to ifnite a new phase, or even possibly for someone to come into my life. That the feeling of limbo would remain, over my shoulder, watching me run after the times and feelings I was lucky enough to experience during my time at the University of Portland. But it really is a blessing to realize that despite the doubts that I had, that I still have quite the portland family. A birthday celebration last night (not to mention recent reconnections and consistent sushi and spend-overs) was and is a testament to our persistence as a group of people, and sometimes even more so of a fragmented group that, despite our flaws, really does work. My life here in portland is luckily full of dynamic people. Some that truly understand my ridiculous passion for feminism or politics, a few that understand the importance of a good happy hour find, some that just want to dance with me, and some that can laugh and even encourage my stupid affection for the character that John Cusack plays in every movie he's in. And for that, those simple and incomplete understandings, I am eternally grateful.

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